Asked by Mr.BABU from India | Sep. 14, 2010 00:12
About:China Work Visa

I'm trying to apply for Z-VISA of China in Mumbai, India.
As a part of documentation requirements for Z-Visa, the following documents are arranged.

From my china office:
1. Visa Notification issued by China government duly stamped (Original)
2. Working Card (Green) - Original

I have applied with the above two documents along with the documents like Physical examination record, eductional ceritifacates, Application Form, Photos, Covering letter, passport copy & original.

Even after the above documents, VFS - Mumbai , India is demanding for Allien Employment License.
I have working card - Green in Original. is it sufficient or only Allien Employment License is required for Z-Visa.

If Working card is acceptable, Please suggest how to convense VFS- Mumbai & China Consulate-Mumbai. Can any one give me the clue or any supporting document.


Answers (1)
Answered by Mr.Alvin from China | Sep. 14, 2010 01:21
To apply for a Z visa to China, you have to provide an Allien Employment License issued by the Ministry of Labor & Social Security, Government of China, or Foreign Specialist's License issued by Foreign Specialist Bureau, Government of China. Your employer should help you with it.
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