Asked by Mr.Jak from Australia | Aug. 12, 2010 22:10
About:Mount Everest

We are planning to travel to Lhasa, and are contemplating if we should go to Mt Everest base camp too. We are concerned about
1. more severe altitude sickness at the base camp - any idea on % of healthy young adults cannot tolerate the altitude? How much higher is the base camp compared with Lhasa? Just thought that it'll be a complete waste if we allocate the time and money, and have to turn back eventually coz of altitude sickness.

2. Long drive and ??road safety?? between Lhasa and the base camp.

3. any good and reliable tour to join? Either incorporating Lhasa and Mt. Qomolangma, or separately.

4. Is mid October a good time (in terms of climate) to visit Lhasa and the base camp?

5. How many days should we allocate?

Thank you.

Answers (1)
Answered by Mr.Sandy from China | Aug. 15, 2010 03:17
Early October is good time. Most visitors would like to hire a van to get to the base from Lhasa. You can find visitors from other countries and vans waiting for visitors in the Youth hostel in Lhasa. It costs about 3000-3500 for a van, round trip. A van allow 4 - 5 people. So, share the car with others. If you want a tour guide, participate a tour package. That will be easy and cost similarly. You need 3 days, or 4 days which is more free. The car will drive for two days, staying one night at Dingri. As to the altitude, Lhasa is 3650 meters above the sea level, and the Mt. Everest Base camp (the first camp) is 5200 meters. Most visitors will feel sick more or less when they just get to Lhasa. Stay at Lhasa for a while till you get use to the high altitude. Most visitors to the base camp will tolerate the highth. Good Luck.
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