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then tell me this
when did cao cao allow guan yu live?
and every one knows that it was really sun quan's army that killed guan yu and zhang fei.
the when lei bei found out he declared war against wu (even though everyone thought it was a stupid idea) and got himself killed (stupid man) and left shu in the hands of his son who surrendered it to wei.

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Answered by Mr.Qi | Jun. 26, 2010 21:10
Liubei failed in the battel with Cao cao and run to ask for help at Yuan Shao. Guan Yu can not protect the city anymore. To keep Liubei's family safe, he joined Cao Cao and once fight for him, but told Cao that when he know where's Liubei. Cao appreciate Guan Yu's loyalty. Although Guan Yu never surrender to him and left finnaly, Cao still let him go and gave him the famous horse Chi Tu.
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