Asked by Mr.hello from london | May. 21, 2010 04:33
About:Three Gorges Dam Benefits: 5 Major Advantages

i think that the dam is a bad idea because many people had to re-locate leaving their possessions behind, due to the demolishing of the buildings, this was done purposely.

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Answered by Ms.Smartypants from United States Of America | May. 24, 2010 17:33
We all know there are bad and good sides to everything. I think that this particular action shouldn't of taken place; there were too many disadvantages that ruled out the advantages. The people who based their life on culture and religion, and many of those historical sights were blown to bits. Others were unfortunate enough to have to relocate. It caused to much stir and pollution and poverty for what it was worth. The advantages are there , though, so there is nothing much we can do now, right?
Answered by Ms.Yeh from Yehland | Jun. 09, 2010 08:21
I agree with you there, the diadvantages far outweigh the advantages. :D xxx
Answered by Mr.john from USA | Oct. 03, 2010 16:33
why not take all there stuff with them
Answered by Ms.person from usa | Dec. 01, 2010 11:28
this was wrong to do because thank about all the people that dont have homes and on one blog i read said the goverment was going to send 20000 more people frtom there homes
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