Asked by Mrs.Merchant from USA | May. 15, 2010 18:06
About:China Embassy in U.S.A.

Can I get a residence permit without using a Chinese visa agency?? I hope someone can help answer my question about Chinese visa agencies. I am planning to teach in China - the school I am negotiating with says that I need to get a Chinese visa here first , than a residence permit on arrival - they will pay for me - but I need to pay for my two children. I understand that the Chinese work visa is $130 for Americans and the residence permit is about 800RMB - but they also say I have to pay a chinese visa agency 3000RMB for each child. I feel that this it too expensive. Is this really a fair price? And is there any way to avoid the agency and do it myself? The school does not seem to have time to do it. I hope someone understands this problem. Thank you

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Answered by Mrs.Nancy from USA | May. 15, 2010 20:22
If the school is not willing to help you to apply for the residence permit, I'm afraid that you have to do it through the visa agency, generally speaking, you can first apply for work visa for you and your children in USA, then your and your employer should go to the local police station to apply for residence permit for you and your children, however the school refuses to do so, you can have a try to apply for the residence permit for you and your children in person at the local police station if you don't want to pay 3000 RMB for each child.
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