Asked by from canada | Feb. 17, 2010 17:00
About:China Embassy in New Zealand

Im new zealand passport holder and living in vancouver , canada and have canadian citizenship.. travelling to china so will ther be any problem to get trourist visa?
thanks tor reply|love4looned

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Answered by Mr.James from Canada | Feb. 21, 2010 01:59
00Reply, you can get a Chinese tourist visa in Vancouver easily because you also have Canadian citizenship.
Answered by from canada | Feb. 21, 2010 10:56
Mr. james I am sorry to say u have got wrong info.. visa is refused and m told to have canadian passport first to get chinees visa... canadian citizenship card is not a travel document... It was shocking to know as nothing of this fact was mentioned in official china website.
any way now learnt the lesson.
further for coming back to canada i need to have the canadian passport and may not be able to come back on newzealand passport?. Double shocking!!!!
Answered by Mr.James from Canada | Feb. 21, 2010 21:48
Mr. Love, can you specify your Canada citizenship, have you gotten a Canada Permanent Residence Permit or just a temporary residence permit? as far as I know, in principal, you can use you New Zealand passport to apply for Chinese visa in Canada because you hold Canadian "Green Card" which entitles you live in Canada permanently, you can't use Canada citizenship to apply for Chinese visa, the passport is the internation travel document. After you get the Chinese visa on your New Zealand Passport, you can return to Canada if you hold a Canada Permanent Residence Permit.
Answered by from Canada | Feb. 21, 2010 22:14
Mr James
In Canada I was having Permanebt resident card and on completion of 3 yrs continuance satya here I had to apply and got my canadian citizenship adn while getting the citizenship the canadian govt. took away the Permanebt resident card and givemn us the canadian citzenship card and canadian citizenship csertificate.till gettint the certificated I used my Nz passport and to travel out of Canada and while coming back to canada i had to show the canadian PR card from us boder and at airport, and everything was fine. Now in the absence of PR card and not having canadian passport, this cnadian citizenship card being not a travel document to come into canda( or i should apply for cnadian visa)I am told by canaddian passport authorities that I can not travel into canada. it seems funny but it is like this.Now i m forced to apply and get canadain Passport in addition to nz valid passport.
any further clarificatins from ur side?
Answered by Mr.James from Canada | Feb. 22, 2010 03:31
Mr. love, now I'm clear, It seems that you have to apply for Canada passport after you get the Canadian citizenship, according to the regulations of Canada Immigration Law, aliens who live in Canada for 3 years continuously can join in the nationality of Canada, it recognizes the dual nationality, therefore, you should hold a Canada passport and a New Zealand Passport, then you can apply for Chinese visa by either passport, and enter Canada by showing your Canada passport.
Answered by from canada | Feb. 22, 2010 12:57
Dear James
Thanks for understanding me and for the reply.
But , still i say it is not fare that on candian PR card I was allowed to enter into Canada and on candian citizenship card I m not allowed. When candian citizenship card is one step ahead of Permanent resident then how come it curtail my right to travel and land into canada??
Furthermore, for chinees visa they requre only PRcard/canadian passport in vancouver canada and in no case they r ready to give chinees travel/transit visa (for 6days) on nz passport here( they told option is to apply and send passport to NZ or hongkong).
These facts or the rules to follow are nonewhere clear on chinees conulate website and the canadian citizenship authorites never informed us while taking back the PR card that we should acquire canadain passport or else v will not be allowed to enter back into canada.
Best option wes that the PR card should never be taken back... ot candain citizenship card should have some security features and work at pat with PR card..... what do u say?
with love
Answered by Mr.James from Canada | Feb. 23, 2010 03:22
00Reply, I have much sympathy for you, here there is no other choice, we have to follow the instructions of Chinese embassy which has the right to issue visa to us, I know that it is little funny that the Canada PR is accepted but the Canadian citizenship is not accepted.
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