Asked by Mr.Avila from France | Jan. 04, 2010 04:57
About:China Embassy in Venezuela

Dear Consular Officer
I'm a venezuelan citizen living in France and I'm planning travelling to China in May for 20days (tourism reasons).
Three main questions:
- Do I have to request a Chinese Visa? Of what kind and where I can find the requirements?
- I've read that China requires a passeport with 6 months validity after the return date, however my passeport expires about 5 months and a half after returning. Do you think it could be a problem?
- Do you know where is located the nearest Chinese consulate in Southwest France, I live near Toulouse?

Thanks in advance for your answer...

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Answered by Mrs.Sabrina from France | Jan. 07, 2010 04:14
1. you have to have a Chinese visa to China. You should apply for tourist visa, as for the requirements, please see the requirement at the website of
2. the passport with at least 6 months validty before you enter China rather than 6 months validty after the return date
3. I think Toulouse is near to Maiseille, you can apply for Chinese visa at Consulate General of China in Maiseille
Answered by Mr.Avila from France | Jan. 09, 2010 04:56
Thanks for your answer.
Ragrding passeport validity, do you think it could be an issue if the validity before enter to China is about 5 months (and some days) instead of the required 6 months ?
Answered by Mrs.Sabrina from France | Jan. 12, 2010 21:56
Mr. Avila, it is not a problem if your paspsort is valid for 6 months when you apply for Chinese single-entry tourist visa. After you get the Chinese visa, the validity of your passport is not important, as long as your passport and Chinese visa are valid, you can enter China, before enter China, the passport with 5 months validity is also accepted.
Answered by Mr.Avila from European Union | Jan. 14, 2010 04:36
Thanks again Mrs. Sabina,
Last question: the travel we are planning to do is with a french agency and then it will be of course with a group of french tourist. I saw that it is also possible to apply for a group chinese visa type...

The question is: It is necessary for us, as venezuelan citizen to do a different process for the visa application? Or we can be included within the same group visa of the travel agency?

Thanks in advance
Answered by Mrs.Sabrina from France | Jan. 17, 2010 02:25
Mr. Avila, you can call the travel agency which origanizes the tour to make sure that he will apply for Group Tourist Visa for you all. I think that he can get a Group Tourist Visa.
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