Asked by Mr.Naveed from Bangladesh | Nov. 11, 2009 10:19
About:China Embassy in Bangladesh

To all concern plese be informed that china surely requires visa under any circumstances , I have been travelligto china for last 11 years regularly but still the visa has been same process , only for last 5 years they have started to issue 1 year multiple visa F class only for business but due to certain time for security like olympics and Chinese internal govermet celebrations visas have been restricted ,honestly all can get visa even in such time ,only multiple visa holders who has had last 3 years multiple visa issuedand made 3 trips atleast each visa term can easily get inviatation easily from Chinese goverment without hassle others should slowly travel frequently and come upto this, but for a single entry visa is easy and if you follow the regulations they have written should be fine . It is true many suffer to get visa where I do feel Chinese visa service is not to be blamed you must understand china is still a closed country regarding media, and laws and places , all in all you should know china system and goverment is built on principles solely by the ruling party . Since they are one sixth of the world people in one country it is better to follow their rules and respect their laws for visa and visits . It is only the problom from Bangladesh that some travellers over stay and pass on to Korea this has made them react hard for such people only I always get visa renewed easily . So people who face problom should see what short

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Answered by Mrs.Caleigh | Nov. 11, 2009 21:21
Mr.Naveed, thank you for sharing so much with us.
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