Asked by Mr.nate from china | Oct. 18, 2009 02:59
About:China Visa Fees

I broke my ankle in Yunnan Province China & didn't leave the country every 30 days like i'm supposed to, so I've overstayed almost 3 months now.
I have an Xray from the hospital. When I was injured, the Dali police came & wrote a report, assuring me it's ok to overstay when injured. But i didn't get any paperwork or anything from them.
I'm now in Shanghai. I went to the PSB Friday & they told me i'd have to pay a 5000rmb fine. They refused to look at my Xray or call Dali police.
I'm American & my embassy/consul CANNOT help.
I'm unable to check into any hotel or even net cafe, due to not having a valid visa.
I'm sleeping outside, can't pay a fine, & still have trouble walking. My leg has gotten worse since i came to SH.
I wanted to take a boat to Japan Tuesday, but things look grim.

Here are some options i'm considering:
1. "Lose" my passport. Will this work? It's tattered & almost full anyway, but do they keep a separate record of my visa length, etc?
2. Try to leave the country via ship port & see what they say, tell them i need surgery in Japan.
3. Go all the way to HK or a smaller border & try to leave there. This idea is the worst, but maybe it's easier to cross by land?
I just don't want to go to jail or pay a fine.
I originally thought they'd be understanding & helpful like Dali police, but SH cops are terrible.
I'm truly in an emergency situation & don't know anyone in SH.

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Answered by Mr.Helper | Oct. 18, 2009 23:12
Mr. nate, your ankle was hurt, why you come from Dali to Shanghai, you should stay in Dali till your ankle becomes recovery. Now the thing becomes difficult by you. The only choice is you pay fine and go back to USA, otherwise, you can't go back China for ever because you will in blacklist. Please read the overstaying in this article carefully.
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