Asked by Ms.Gabrielle from Australia | Sep. 10, 2009 18:33
About:Three Gorges Dam Benefits: 5 Major Advantages

i think it is a very bad thing even though it creates a lot of electricity. but the dam uses a lot of electricity anyways. the environment is effected again espically in china. the dams and beautiful creaks won't be beautiful anymore

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Answered by Mr.Annonymous from America | Nov. 19, 2009 09:42
If you had read up on the dam before critizing it, you would see that the dam is completely self sufficient. It has two generators in it that powers makes it sustain itself. Please do research before you go and comment on things you obviously have no knowledge about.
Answered by Ms.cherry from boston | Dec. 18, 2009 09:45
well if people like take care of the dam it wouldnt look like that
Answered by Ms.anonymous | Jan. 24, 2010 14:45
i agree it is not the best thing although i think it is selfsufficent however there are many more disadvantages (1 1/4 million ppl will have to move, 13 major cities will be flooded and rebuilt above it, cost of new home 3 x as much and land is poor above water level, silt will build up many more) then advantages and there are other ways to generate 'clean' electricity. However theres not much we can do about it .
Answered by Mr.james from England | Jan. 26, 2010 04:33
i am doing this for a geography project and i think it is a very bad idea, 1.2 million people will be displaced and 13 will be disrupted
Answered by Ms."Gabrille" from Australia | Sep. 19, 2010 08:30
No it isn't a bad thing!!! the dam doesn't use a lot of electricity!!! the environment is NOT effected!!! it WILL be beautiful will be just the SAME!!!
Answered by Mr.john from USA | Oct. 03, 2010 16:26
I think that if peo people look on the brit side of things the dam project would be better looked at.
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