Asked by Mr.Chris from Philippines | Aug. 23, 2009 10:11
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Hello everyone..i would just like to know if someone here can give me an advice or info's on how to travel from Shanghai to Zhengzhou..i'l arrive in Shanghai veryyy early in the morning (around 12.20am) of Aug. 28 and just wondering if there is a flight or a train going to Zhengzhou by that time.i have to be in Zhengzhou the same day (Aug. 28) coz i have an event to attend in the evening.i already looked in the internet considering this matter but I'm still not sure if there are flights and trains available early in the would be really helpful if someone here would give me some advice or info's like the cheapest and most convenient way to travel from Shanghai to Zhengzhou..Thanks..

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Answered by Mr.jill from cn | Aug. 23, 2009 21:48
Do you mean you will arrive Shanghai at 0:20 in the morning? It is too early indeed. I am sorry to tell you that there is no flight or train at that time.
The earliest train to zhengzhou is 06:52 and it will arrive in zhengzhou at 14:06. It is a bullet train and the fare is about 370 yuan.
The earliest flight is 7:55 and the fare is about 800 yuan.
Answered by Mr.CHRIS from Philippines | Aug. 26, 2009 10:59
Hello Mr. Jill..Thank you soo much for the response..Yes 0:20 in the morning is indeed too early..I guess I have to take the Bullet Train then since it's a lot cheaper than taking a plane..By the way,is the bullet train called MAGLEV? And just to add up,does the SHANGHAI RAILWAY STATION already allow people to go inside the station around the time I arrive in SHANGHAI? What i mean is that if it is open 24hrs, I'll buy a train ticket right away and just wait til 6.52 in the morning for the first train to Zhengzhou..Hope to hear from you soon..Godbless..
Answered by Mr.Hank | Aug. 28, 2009 22:21
Hi sir, the Maglev is the train running between shanghai Pudong Airport and downtown area only. The buttle train is a kind of express train running between cities in China.

Yes, you could enter into the railway station at anytime. But, not sure whether you could purchase a train on the same day.
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