Asked by Mr.Steve from Korea/USA | Aug. 15, 2009 04:01
About:Chinese Embassy in South Korea

In Response to Mr. Lee's response to me:

It is unfortunate that you do not answer my question with any sort of clarity. The problem is that you give no mention of the fact that there is no specific criteria for whether or not we get a 1 year multi entry visa or a 90 day single entry visa. Your answer was rather unhelpful. I checked a certain box on my visa app, provided by the Chinese Embassy website specifically stating my desire to purchase a 1 year multi entry visa. That was what I wanted to purchase, not what I was given. The travel agent says that the Chinese government no longer allows Americans to get 1 year multi entry passports. My question was, is this true or not? And to echo Jim's comments, why is it I cannot go into the Chinese embassy to get an answer or call them on the phone to get an answer about this? I feel that I deserve some kind of explanation.

What upsets me most is that your website clearly states that I can get a 1 year multi entry visa for 120,000 Korean won. No where on this site does it state that it is at the discretion of a consular officer as to whether I get a 1 year multi or a single entry 90 day visa. As this is not clearly stated, it is clearly up to the choice of the applicant as to what visa he or she wishes to apply for. It is then up to your government to accept or reject that application. As my application was not accepted I should of course receive a full refund. I did not get what I paid for. I would like my visa changed to a 1 year multi entry visa or my money refunded. Your treatment of foreigners in the process is rather misleading and your government should re-evaluate its policies in this regard.

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Answered by Mr.Zhang from China | Aug. 15, 2009 20:22
Mr. Steve, Mr. Lee did answer your questions. The China embassy in South Korea have tha final right to issue the visa for you, you can call them to get the explanation about your visa if you want.
Yes, Americans can qapply for a multi-entry visa, but the applicants must meet the requirements for the multi-entry visa and provide the required documents.
You are not able to get the visa fee back, for the embassy do have issued the visa for you already no matter what type of visa it is.
Finally, the China government made the special visa application policies in Souht Korea, there must be special reasons for it, the policies couldn't be changed because of you.
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