Asked by Ms.Jo from UK | Jul. 09, 2009 00:14
About:China Embassy in U.K.


I am a UK Passport holder travelling back from Australia into Asia and then hopefully up through China for a few weeks.

I will be going first to Kong Kong then Vietnam / Cambodia / Thailand and Laos back to Vietnam before my travels into China.

Would you be able to tell me where would be best to apply for the Visa and if Hong Kong, how long will the Visa last as I will not be ready to use it for about 2months. Also how long will it take to issue and what documents are required.

I am unlikely to have accomodation booked as hoping to do adhoc, but will have last leg of Journey/flight back to UK booked before entering China. Is this suffucient?

Many Thanks

Jo Z

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Answered by Ms.lilian from China | Jul. 11, 2009 04:33
Please apply for China visa in Hong Kong. It will takes 4 working days. The required documents are Your valid actual passport, One completed Visa Application Form with one additional passport photo, Under some circumstances, the applicants may be required to provide financial proof, a copy of Chinese hotel booking and return flight ticket.

Answered by Ms.Jo from UK | Jul. 12, 2009 21:46
Thank you for the information - but could you also tell me how long this visa will last upon issuance, as I will be travelling elsewhere for the first 2months approximately
Answered by Mr.Bob | Jul. 13, 2009 02:09
it takes four working days, that is to say , if you submit your application on Monday, you can get the visa on Friday.
Answered by Ms.Jo from UK | Jul. 13, 2009 04:15
Again - how long does the VISA last as I will be leaving Hong Kong and travelling elsewhere for up to two months first. If it is not long enough - where can I apply for a Visa in Hanoi / Vietiane / Bangkok?
Answered by Mrs.Veronica | Jul. 13, 2009 04:46
Hi, Mr. John, you are welcome! are you in Auckland or Switzerland now? In Principle, you need apply for a Transit Visa in Chinese embassy or consulate in Switzerland or U.K. because you live in Switzerland but hold U.K. Passport.

PS: The Chinese embassy or consulate in Switzerland only accept application from Swisses and other citizens who reside in Switzerland.

You just need a Transit Visa for enter Shanghai and leave the airport in Shanghai.
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