Asked by Mr.Bilal Hasan Khan from China | Jun. 14, 2009 03:00
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I live in Xuzhou.I Love this city.Its a peaceful,calm and beautiful city specially the people here are helping and living here you can feel playing in your own country:-)

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Answered by Ms.Milligan from Australia | Jun. 20, 2009 23:21
Mr Hasan could you please advise if there is a gymnasium that my son could use when we visit Xuzhou in July? Thank you Narelle Milligan
Answered by Mr.Ken Dare from America, California | Jul. 06, 2010 05:47
Hi Bilal, I might be getting a teaching job in Xuzhou and can you tell me how this city is since I have worked in Suzhou for one year and then over 2 years in Guangdong province near Huadu and Guangzhou?? What is the weather like summer and winters compared to where I have lived if you have been to those places?? Is Xuzhou have many things to do to keep me busy or will I get bored?? thanks, Ken
Answered by Mrs.K from China | Oct. 16, 2010 18:34
Reply to Mr Ken Dare:
I also live in Xuzhou. Xuzhou is a tier 3 it is much different from Suzhou. The weather is cold and damp in the winter...but rarely snow. The summer is very hot and very humid! This summer was brutal...So the weather will be a bit different than where you have been. I don't know much about the social life in Xuzhou as I am married and not into the "bar" scene and such, but I do recommend that you have a hobby or the like, if you are planning on living in Xuzhou.
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