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In Xuchang, there are more than 80 historical sites of Three Kingdoms Period (220-280). Some of them relate to the history of Three Kingdoms, some of them relate to the celebrities of Three Kingdoms and some of them relate to the rumor of the Three Kingdoms. Among those, there are many famous stone steles that the ancient people made, such as the San Jue Stone Stele, which records the alternation of Han Dynasty to Wei Kingdom. It is the hometown of many celebrities. Cao Cao dominated a lot of idea men, bookmen and brave commanders and soldiers. Among those, there are more than 30 out of them from the city.

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Answered by Mr.Aaron from China | Jun. 12, 2010 22:39
Dear Evelyn

This is Aaron, im a Chinese and currently living in Beijing, and xuchang is the prefecture city where my hometon are yuzhou city, 35km far from XC. I am wordering if you are Chinese and still living in that city, please responds me when you see my message. thx.|yzliuweifeng
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