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About:Cao Cao

Cao Cao was a true visionary, my favorite figure from the Three Kingdoms era. Truly brilliant man, completely eradicated Yuan Shao's giant army with a truly small army. Also, Guan Yu didn't help Cao Cao as much as he did in the novel. Wen Chou fell to one of Cao Cao's strategies, though Yan Liang did really fall to Guan Yu. Even in his ROTK portrayal I admire him. He was an awesome villain!! =D. I'm hoping to write a story about him, I like writing. It's a hobby of mine.

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Answered by Mr.English from England | Aug. 17, 2009 05:20
Dont forget he introduced a very strong Education system where he raised the literacy level of his territories to about a 90 something% which would be very impressive for that time. Moreso his Agricultural reforms were outstanding, the people of Wei would never starve and his armies where always supplied. He was able to raise an army larger than Wu and Shu's combined.
I personally think his best success was with incorporating the "Barbarian" people into his own empire and into his Armies. His Wuhuan Army was a fearsome, well known, army that was once a part of the Yellow Turbans. It must take real skill to get an oppressed people into calming down, let alone joining your army...
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