Asked by from Canada | May. 13, 2009 18:20
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Dear Sir/Madam:
Recently I wrote thatI am a Chinese borned, naturalized Canadian Citizen since 1967. I was born in the village of Lin Fong, in the province of Canton (1952). The last name that my parents used to immigrant to Canada was Ng, and because Ng is not pronouniable, and so like my grandfather, we've adopted Ing as our last name, but not legally changed. Today, I would like to revolve this problem, but I do not have a birth certificate from my birth place, I am wondering if the Chinese Embassy can help me in any way. Also, I am very keen on teaching English as a second language, could you also give me some advice on that aspect. Thank you. And on Apr. 30,2009 04:11
Ms.Lilian(China) replied:

Ms.Ing, you can go to the Public Security Bureau in charge of Lin Fong Villge to deal with this thing. Can you speak Chinese, if not, you need an interpreter to accompany you. Can anyone tell me where the Public Secuiry Bureau in charge of Lin fong Village is? I have no idea! Please!

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Answered by Ms.Joanna from CN | May. 13, 2009 20:40
Ms ing, is that Lin Fong or Lin Fang? In Chinese, there is no such spelling "Lin Fong"? Is "Lin Fong" cantonese? Do you have a version of "Lin Fong" in Chinese characters like "林(Lin)" . You'd better contact your relatives to provide more clues.
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