Asked by Ms.chiniya from Philippines | Apr. 16, 2009 21:07
About:China Great Wall

hi! my family and i we're planning of visiting beijing and the must see great wall of china is in our itinerary.our problem is, we dont know where to book a hotel which is near the great wall.can u help us which area are we going to book for our hotel?
thank you and we cant wait for our trip to beijing.

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Answered by Mr.john from singapore | Apr. 17, 2009 10:50
Hello Chiniya,

The great wall is built on the outer ring of the city, meaning in the hills or mountains, so there ain't any hotel i know of; and if any, you will be one lonely family out in the forest, so to speak. And your transportation cost will go thru the roof for sure!! take taxi all the time...

Stay in the city centre, to enjoy shopping, food aplenty and see the city culture. Moreover all tours will start from the city centre and end in the city centre. Budget tours need volume and in the city is where they get the volume.

Hope you enjoy Beijing and at a lower cost !!

Answered by Ms.chiniya from Philippines | Apr. 21, 2009 20:51
hello mr.john, thank you so much for your information regarding my inquiries, indeed it was a great help to us.:)
Answered by Mr.wilford | Apr. 23, 2009 23:35
hostls are cheeper then a hotel and ones that barly cost any thing but they are good
Answered by Mr.I HATE BEIJING from USA | Apr. 25, 2009 18:42
I agree with Mr.John. Once you exit the city boundaries, there are literally almost no hotels unless you count those shabby shacks that are set up as tourist traps. Considering that the Great Wall is located at least 50 miles away from the city, your best option for the arrival would be to first take a city shuttle bus to the train station and then board a train heading for the Great Wall. Some taxis in the city may be overpriced, and many of the taxis are illegally registered to where they don't have to pay the city.

After my experiences with Beijing, I would recommend staying in the city center because anything outside 10 miles of the city are farms. However, be prepared to blow your budget, as food and other refreshments are sky high in these tourist traps. Lousy freeloaders!
Answered by Mr.Herod from PNG | Apr. 25, 2009 22:52
Wonderful monument.......would luv to visit one day.

Answered by Mr.joe | Apr. 27, 2009 08:20
you can look at beijing there are awsome hotels and they are really cheep and there are like 2 to 3 rooms in one hotel room
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