Asked by Mr.JNB from Germany | Apr. 08, 2009 15:04
About:Cao Cao

Even though I don't like Cao Cao very much, after getting a bit into the actual history, not the "modified" version of Luo Guanzhong, I have to admit that he was a very skilled leader and politician.
Liu Bei may have been a more kind ruler, but in the end he did lack some qualities a man needs to unify a country. And even if Cao Cao and his successors were tyrants, they managed to end an era of nearly constant war, which deserves respect.
And lastly he did never let the world betray him.

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Answered by Mr.Chakraborty from USA | May. 20, 2009 21:13
Liu Bei was too nice for his own good. He wouldn't get far in a world of chaos. Cao Cao was a capable leader who could've taken out the remaining kingdoms had it not been for his defeat at Chi Bi.
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