Asked by Mr.Loong from Malaysia | Mar. 11, 2009 23:55
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My journey in September 2009 includes road trip from Turpan to Hami & then to Dunhuang.

Can you please advise:-

a) road distance from Turpan to Hami & from Hami to Dunhuang and the approximate time for the bus ride. What the attractions along these two routes?

b) are train services available from Hami to Dunhuang? If so, frequency and cost of train tickets and time of train ride, please.

c) are train servies available from Turpan to Dunhaung? If so, frequency and cost of train tickets and time of train ride, please.

Thank you

Answers (2)
Answered by Ms.Evelyn from China | Jun. 15, 2009 21:16
a)There are direct trains from Turpan to Hami. The leaving time of trains is 00:31, 01:15, 01:43, 06:45, 11:31, 12:20, 13:11, 13:31, 16:00, 16:49, 19:09, 20:59, 21:18, 21:56, 23:43, and 23:57.The trip costs about 4 hours. The hard seat ticket is about CNY31.
b)There are no direct trains from Hami to Dunhuang. You can go from Hami to Jiayuguan by train first and then transfer to Dunhuang. Within a day, there are 14 trains from Hami to Dunhuang. The leaving time is 01:20, 01:39, 02:20, 04:40, 04:52, 05:24, 06:42, 11:38, 16:17, 17:13, 18:24, 20:53, 21:10, and 23:30. The trip costs about six to seven hours. The hard seat ticket is about CNY79.
c)There are no direct trains from Turpan to Dunhuang. You can also transfer to Jiayuguan first and the go to Dunhuang.
Answered by Mr.lim from malaysia | Aug. 10, 2009 03:12
Hi Mr.Loong,
I am from malaysia and will also planning to visit silk road on sept 2009. distance and traveling time between turpan, hami and dunhuang are the info i needed. would be glad if you can share with me any info you have. Will do the same if i have any infos.
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