Asked by Keidy from Philippines | Nov. 19, 2022 17:15
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I'm inlove

I would like to know if we are perfect match. My boyfriend was born on Sept. 26, 1970 and mine was June 6, 1984

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Answered by Me | Nov. 20, 2022 13:05
I have done the compatibility zodiacal sign test and the result is 90%. Congrats 👏👏👏
You are a happy match that love each other with an undying affection. You are both friendly, reasonable, easy-going and know to leave enough private space for each other in order to guarantee that each of you enjoy the freedom of speech and action in the family. The male dog is clever and always speaks slowly and acts unhurriedly. The female rat is sincere, careful, diligent and trying to avoid any conflict with her partner.
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