Asked by Daniel from China | May. 13, 2020 01:00
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Visa extension during COVID-19

My current X2 visa will expire on June 16. My school is closed and I have no intentions on continuing with my studies. However, I still wish to stay in China for another month or two in order to get my things ready and also wait for the virus to settle down in my country.

I heard that all visas will be automatically extended for two months at the moment of expiry. Is that true? Is there anything else I need to do? If the automatic extension is not in effect, what would be the process for applying for a new visa?


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Answered by Judy from United Kingdom | May. 13, 2020 22:48
Daniel, yes, it's ture. It means you visa will be extended to August 16. You don't need to do anything to extend it. To play it safe, you can contact the local exit and entry administration to confirm this.
Answered by Fred Flintstone from USA | May. 22, 2020 02:31
I would be very careful with this because your visa wont expire until mid June, the laws can and likely will change again before then. The March 60 day extension was introduced solely for those stuck here during the lock downs and travel bans with no other option but to stay put. The situation has changed, you can now freely travel to other countries either directly or indirectly and due to a new much stricter visa system being implemented, they are not issuing non-essential visa extensions (i.e., new tourist visas). Even those with marriage/family visas are only being issued short term visa extensions (if at all!). To stay in China you'll have to extend your studies or find a job, both of which will have a representative from the respective company applying for the visas on your behalf (i.e., giving you a better chance of getting a new visa). Go to your local EEA, ask questions and document everything. If you overstay your visa, you will be hit with hefty fines and penalties upon exit!
Answered by Daniel from China | May. 22, 2020 11:18
Thanks for your reply Fred. I'm seeing some people saying here that the automatic extension period will finish on May 27. Do you know anything about that?
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