Asked by Micheal from Pakistan | Apr. 30, 2020 01:29
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Transferring Resident Permit from Shandong to Beijing

I was working in Shandong Province in a university, I quit the job, got a new Job in Beijing, I also cancelled the previous work permit and got the new work permit for Beijing.
Now, I want to apply for Beijing Resident Permit, while my Shandong Resident Permit is still valid.
I have the following questions:
1) Can BPS directly transfer my resident permit to Beijing without cancellation of Shandong Residence Permit? Or I must first cancel that one and then apply here in Beijing?
2) If I cancel Shandong Resident Permit, I will definitely be provided with a temporary resident permit, Can I apply with that temporary visa for Beijing Resident Permit? Or I must exit China and get a fresh visa from my country?
Keeping in view this special coronavirus pandemic, what are the possible solutions?

Thanks in advance.

Answers (3)
Answered by John Doe | Apr. 30, 2020 22:30
Standard procedure is that you do not have to get a new residence permit (which has no regional distinction) if your current one is still valid.

(A "resident permit" is something for Chinese nationals moving to areas outside their hukou.)
Answered by Nicky from Australia | May. 05, 2020 20:11
According to what I know, you need to renew your current resident permit in Beijing without cancelling it.
Answered by Micheal from China | Jul. 07, 2020 08:34
Thanks for the comments, I already did the same. But let me explain it for the readers, in case, they have the same problem.
1. If you are working in one province and moving your job to another province different university/company, you need to change the resident permit (some people call it visa but its not actually visa, its the temporary residence permit).
2. The rules for every province is different, if your current residence permit is valid, and you apply in the new province, they may ask you to have exit from China and come up with new visa from home country.
3. If you cancel the previous resident permit you must exit China, you can't apply with temporary visa to get new resident permit.
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