Asked by Kody from USA | Oct. 08, 2019 05:27

144 hour visa eligibility

We are flying from Los Angeles, USA to Shanghai, staying in SH from October 11th and departing SH to Bali, Indonesia on the 14th. (70 hours in SH)

Then, we are flying back to SH from Bali, Indonesia with a layover in Jakarta, Indonesia on October 28th arriving in the morning on the 29th and then departing SH in the evening on the 30th back to Los Angeles. (36 hours in SH)

1. Are these eligible for the 144 hour visa? Or is there a different visa we would need?
-Does applying for the visa online make things go smoother at the airport?
2. Will we need two separate visas based on the duration we are in Bali or would one visa work since we aren't in China for the full 144 hours?

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Answered by ZUPAN | Oct. 08, 2019 07:42
Kody, your itinerary that is of interest for a Chinese immigration is:

Los Angeles - Shanghai (about 70 hours layover) - Bali
Jakarta - Shanghai (about 36 hours layover) - Los Angeles

If you have mentioned the above itinerary precisely and there are no additional stops of any kind, you are definitely eligible for 144 hour visa free transit in Shanghai twice.

1. Applying for this visa free option online does not adds much to the entire procedure and it is a consensus that it is better to apply upon arrival manually. You should print out your e-tickets and bring those printouts with you
2. You will apply separately, upon each arrival in Shanghai. You are informed that each visa free transit expires at the moment when you leave China. In other words, you cannot accumulate the hours, but each time you are eligible, the clock starts from 00:00 and lasts for 144 hours.

By the way, you are advised to use correct terminology. It is 144 hour visa free transit and not 144 hour visa or similar. There is no visa at all. Just to avoid any possible misunderstandings.
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