Asked by Angie Koh from Singapore | Nov. 18, 2018 21:53
About:Jieyang Chaoshan International Airport

How long is the distance from jieyang airport to zhao'an?

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Answered by Charles from United Kingdom | Nov. 19, 2018 23:46
It is about 102 kilometers from the airport to Zhao'an.
Answered by Bernard Lim from Singapore | Jul. 07, 2019 18:00
Hi Angie,
I am Bernard Lim. I am planning to go Zhaoan to visit my ancestral home next month. Was checking on travel information and came across your question. Guess you have been there last year and maybe you can offer some advise.

I plan to fly to Shantou. How to get from there to Zhao'an? and how is the accommodation in Zhao'an? Is it easy to move around by taxi? My ancestral home is in Sidu.

Answered by Jerry from USA | Jul. 08, 2019 00:27
Hi, there is no direct bus from the airport to Zhaoan. You can take Shantou West Shuttle Line from the airport to Shantou Bus Terminal and then take bus from there to Zhao'an. The bus departs from 6:30 to 15:20 with an interval about 40 minutes and it takes about CNY30 for a single journey.

I stayed in the Mingzhao Hotel at No.324 National Road, Nanzhao Town but the service is not very good. Taxis are feasible in the county.
Answered by Angie Koh from Singapore | Jul. 09, 2019 08:40
Hi Bernard
Last year i went with my two sisters. We stayed in Shantou for a night.
The next day took a taxi to Zhaoan (rmb 200)haggled with driver. Abt 45mins to 1hr.
We took taxi and like tuktuk car around in Zhao'an. As we do not have relative in there, we walked around without any plan(free n easy) to the market, temple n eating along street food.
We are just curious about our grandpa's birth place.
I found Zhaoan is still under develop compared to neighbouring cites like Chaozhou n Shantou.
Food must eat is cat porridge aka fish porridge but has much more ingredients.
We only stayed for two nights n we moved on to Chaozhou before head home.
Hope can help.
Answered by Angie Koh from Singapore | Jul. 09, 2019 08:45
Hi Bernard
Regarding hotel we stayed in Yakarta hotel, hotel is old but spacious.
It is opposit of Ming zhao hotel which is newer.
Answered by Bernard Lim from Singapore | Jul. 14, 2019 18:16
Hi Jerry,

Thanks for the info. It helps in my planning. Regards
Answered by Bernard Lim from Singapore | Jul. 14, 2019 18:18
Hi Angie,

Thanks for the information. Guess I have to haggle with the taxi driver :))
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