Asked by Mark from USA | Jun. 24, 2018 22:17
About:Year of the Pig

i would like to know how year 2019 will be for the Pig.

They say that when the year matches your chinese zodiac sign, the year may be tough.
I was born in 1983 and will have to go through some possible changes in 2019.
Thank you very much, have a nice day!

Answers (1)
Answered by Ulrica from USA | Jun. 25, 2018 01:21
It is true that someone will meet some downs in his or her animal year based on the Chinese zodiac.
You will encounter some difficulties in business and need to be wary of the people around but there is someone will give a hand to you.
If you have got married, you will meet some ladies in this year, so you should pay attention to the relationship and avoid family peace crisis.
Just take it easy. You will go through it successfully.
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