Asked by simon | May. 23, 2018 10:36
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After extension of S2

Hi. My wife have got S2 single entry for 3 months .

_1_How many times can do extension in mainland China?
_2_After no more extension, then exit China . Does my wife need to apply for another S2 to be able to visit me again? Or she can exit and come back with the same S2 that she has now.
_3_ Can the S2 be converted to S1 in mainland China and how? My wife in the first place applied for S1 as she wants to reside with me more than 6 months but she only got the S2 . I have a trading company in china with a work permit.


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Answered by Edith from Italy | May. 23, 2018 21:40
_1_There is no limit on how many times can do extension in mainland China. You will know the result after you do that. Just give it a try.
_2_After no more extension, then exit China, your wife needs to apply for a new S2 type to visit you again.
_3_ It's possible to change the S2 into S1 in mainland China. First, prepare passport, a passport-style photo, a completed application form, valid registration form of temporary residence, an invitation letter from you and copies of your residence permit and passport, as well as your marriage certificate. And then go to the exit and entry administration of the local PSB to do the conversion.
Answered by MOHAMMEDASLAM28 | Jan. 13, 2020 03:08
Hi Simon,
I am also facing same issue..did you able to change S2 to S1??
How many month can extend S2 visa in china??
My wife having 3month ,single entry, duration of each stay is 30days…
I want to extend 60 or 90 it possible to extend??
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