Asked by Memon from Italy | Apr. 10, 2018 09:29
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I am originally from Pakistan and presently studying Master Program in one of the Italy's University. I have been selected for the exchange program to spend either one semester (Half year) OR two semesters (One Year) at Peking University, HSBC Business School, Shenzhen, China. At the moment, I have chosen to spend one semester and informed to Peking University, HSBC Business School. My FUTURE PLAN is that I might consider to spend Two semesters - One Year but I shall decide it after arriving in China.

Once I receive the documents from the Host Institute (Peking University), I shall apply for Chinese Student X. This X cateogory has two types: 1. X1 VISA: (For Those Who Will Study More Than 180 Days in China); 2. X2 VISA: (For Those Who Will Study No More Than 180 Days in China).

Considering the current chosen duration of study: One Semester, I shall be issued X2 (For Those Who Will Study No More Than 180 Days in China) with no knowledge about entries such as: Single Entry, Multiple Entry or how many number of entries I shall be getting?

I would appreciate if somebody reply to my below mentioned queries:

1. Does X2 allow the Holders to apply for residence permit? If YES!
1a. What is the normal time period to apply for residence permit after arrival in China?
1b. What will be the Validity of residence permit?
2. Does X2 gets extended if I decide / choose to stay for another semester too?
3. I'm also interested to visit Hong Kong and Macau during my period of stay in China. Would I be able to travel to Hong Kong and Macau on X2 or Residence Permit? Or Do I have to get Hong Kong and Macau Visit entry permit separetly?

I am looking forward for your guidance and help.

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Answered by Nancy from Denmark | Apr. 10, 2018 21:12
1. One cannot apply for residence permit after entering mainland China under X2 type.
2. The X2 could be extended at the exit and entry administration of the local PSB within China.
3. You have to get Hong Kong and Macau visit visas separately before you visit there.
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