Asked by Rahul Maheshwari from India | Mar. 26, 2018 09:48
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Re-Entry in China (Guangzhou) after visiting HK & Macau for 3 days.


I have a very important and urgent query. I have got Single Entry M Type visa for China. During my full 9 Days trip to China I am going to spend first 3 days working in Guangzhou. In between the work trip I am planning to spend a 3 day weekend in Hong Kong & Macau and then return back to China (Guangzhou) for last 3 days of the trip, as I have return flight from Guangzhou only (New Delhi-Guangzhou-New Delhi).

Would I be allowed to re-enter in China after visiting Hong Kong and Macau? or do we have something like 72 hours transit policy in which I can do a hongkong tour and come back to china without any hassle as I do not have double entry Visa for China.

Schedule would be as follows:
26th April to 28th April (around 60 hours) in Guangzhou, China
28th April to 1st May (around 70 hours) in Hong Kong & Macau (Travelling to and fro "via train" from Guangzhou East Railway Station)
1st May to 3rd May (around 60 hours) in Guangzhou, China
3rd May midnight fly back to INDIA.

Please help as I need to make reservations accordingly.


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Answered by Kevin from USA | Mar. 26, 2018 11:04
The 72 hours transit without visa only applies at Guangzhou if you travel by air. You can't take the train. So you either need to fly Hong Kong to Guangzhou, or you need another visa, or you can't go to Hong Kong and Macau at all.
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Re-Entry in China (Guangzhou) after visiting Macau for 3 days.
Asked by Rahul Maheshwari from India
| Mar. 25, 2018 20:54
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