Asked by Shamim Akhtar Ali Akbar from Malaysia | Sep. 09, 2017 09:19
About:Year of the Dragon

Hi my husband is a wood Dragon @ 28 Sept 1964.

This is is not a good year for him financially.. there has been hiccups every other months.. he is very hardworking and trying his best to make his business work.. he is in printing industry.
How will it be for him in 2018...
Might be expecting a dog baby maybe august.. what can u say about this... any changes in luck for him.
I am a sheep 1st Feb 79.
We have kids - 28 Nov 2007, 28 Nov 2007 and 1st Aug 2010.

Answers (1)
Answered by Peter from Australia | Sep. 09, 2017 18:34
You have an exceptionally good husband, who is a capable man. As you probably know, the outcome of his business depends on the day, hour and minute, when it was opened. Although he and his business seem to be astrologically related, it is not the case. 2018 will be his opposite year, and my advice to him is not to make any plans to meet certain targets, as it won’t materialize, and he will be disappointed. If he takes shelter and wait for the “storm” to pass, he will be in a much better position to continue with his business for years to come. You personally will have a better year this year than the next (Earth Dog). A baby you would have in the year of the Dog will be a blessing for your family, although Dog and Dragon are at opposite poles. Your second child (born 2010) will get along with a sibling born in the year of the Dog. Your two children born 2007 and 2010 won’t see eye to eye, as they have different temperaments. They probably already fight with each other. Good luck to your family.
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