Asked by marco from USA | Aug. 20, 2017 17:25
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When can I find a job: I was born in May 25 1978 and quit my job at this May.

I could not find another job right now and wanted to know when I can find my next job. My previous jobs was Java programmer and should I change my career. I lost my hope because I kept applying couple hundred jobs since this May without any feedback. I am living in the USA and it looks like most many companies don't want to hire someone who's English isn't good. I don't know what should I do?

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Answered by Peter from Australia | Aug. 20, 2017 21:03
It just happens that this year is not your good year. Next year you will be luckier with your job finding, and will get a good job. Many of us need to change careers at one point in life. There are so many jobs where the perfect language is not that important. Keep your hope high and I can assure you that everything will be fine with you, and in few months you will find an excellent job, form which you will benefit for years to come. Good luck to you.
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