Asked by jes from Singapore | Aug. 05, 2017 06:25

Le Shan and Er mei shan

I need some advise and information before I planned my visit Er Mei Shan.

1) Is it too cold to visit during the 1st week of November and does it rain ?
2) I was informed that the step is slippery and dangerous, is that true? Cause I will be
bringing an elderly with me.
3) Any difficulty of getting the train ticket on the very day instead of advance booking?
4)We prefer to travel by ourselves at our own pace and is this advisable? or need to join
the tour in the hotel? Does every hotel provide such tour?

If the weather is Ok and I have 2 option :-

1. Touch down airport on 1 Nov about 6.30pm and check into a nearby hotel for a night.
I will check with the hotel whether are they able to keep our luggage and collect when I am back.
Or is there any airport locker for storing? How much?
Next day, take a train from the airport to Le shan ( for half day visit) and continue to Er Mei Shan.
Wish to stay for 2 nights at Baoguo Temple (Can just walk in or must advance booking? )and went back to
the airport hotel to take the luggage and continue to stay in the town area for a few days before departing
to Chongqing.

2. Straight away check into the hotel in the town area and stay for 2 night and leave the luggage at the
hotel and went to the South Railway Station to Le Shan(for half day) and continue to Er Mei Shan and
stay at Baoguo Temple for 2 nights and back to the hotel for a few days before departing to Chongqing.

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Answered by Lisa from UK | Aug. 07, 2017 21:35
1. The temperature may range from 30F to 50F, and it will be comfortable to climb the mountain at that time. Notably, it may be colder when you get on the top, so you may take some warm clothes with you. The possibility of the rain may be not very big.
2. As I know, compared with Jiuzhai and Huanglong, the stairs are relatively dangerous, but it is okay to climb the mountain.
3. It’s okay to get a train ticket at the station every day.
4. You can travel on yourself. As I know, the most hotels can provide such tours.
5. Which airport will you arrive? Generally, the most airports have the baggage service center.
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