Asked by Jasneet Jyoti from United Kingdom | Jun. 28, 2017 14:39
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Hi my date of birth is 9 may 1980 suffring from joints pain. Any idea when i will feel better?

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Answered by Peter from Australia | Jun. 28, 2017 17:41
You will feel better when you will live in a mild climate where temperatures at night are 21°C and at daytime 28°C. Try this experiment. Arrange with someone, who has access to a cool room, where temperatures are below -35°C, to let you stay in a cool room for about half an hour to 40 minutes, until you feel real cold. When you get out at a normal outside temperature, say 10°C, you will notice that your pains in your joints are gone. And it would last for a long time, although it is not a cure. Australians who worked in Antarctica, said that when there was -2°C they felt so warm, that they threw they clothes off and went for a swim. There temperatures normally fall below -50°C. I have experienced outside temperatures of +46°C with high winds blowing, and I felt my skin was burning. Good luck to you.
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