Asked by lisha from India | Apr. 17, 2017 09:53
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I was born on 23 august 1992 at 12:50pm in 1992. Iam seriously trying for job.

Which time is favorable for me to get a job? I also want to know about my financial growth.

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Answered by Peter from Australia | Apr. 17, 2017 16:45
Only in 2020 and 2021 you will be able to cash in and make a lot of money. Until then, as Saturn already conjuncts your 2nd House of Money, and it will transit through your 2nd House, it will force you to learn how to live with less money, and how to manage on less income. Uranus transits through your 5th House of love, disrupting it. Jupiter transits through your 11th House of Friends and ideas, and it will help to come up with the best solution for your problems. You had your natal Jupiter in your 10th House of career, so after 40 you will reach a high standing in your profession, and you will become influential. You have excellent business abilities and will get rich. You won’t be successful at home, and you will have more than one marriage. Because your natal Venus and Jupiter were conjunct, you will live with refined people, and attend to lavish parties. You will put your signature on an advantageous marriage. You will live well into your 90's. Good luck.
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