Asked by Shayne from New Zealand | Mar. 27, 2017 17:25
About:China Visa Entries / Validity / Duration of Stay

Hi, I am going to China to visit my Chinese wife for 9 months.

The visa company in China told my wife to tell me to apply for a Q2 type as more easy to get than Q1 then apply for an extension in China. It all seemed crazy to me because I thought Q2 would be more easy and when in China apply for the temperay residents permit.
Anyway, I applied here in New Zealand yesterday and the Chinese Consulate told me to apply for a Q2 with multiple entry. They said before the 180 days has expired I can go to Macau or wherever and return with another 180 days remaining. This would be more than I need so I agreed with them and applied for the Q2 with multiple entry.
I am now thinking are the correct because with other China visa issues with them before have been wrong.
What are your ideas about think.
Thanking you in advance, Shayne.

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Answered by Jesse from Spain | Mar. 27, 2017 20:48
Shayne, if the consulate told you to apply for a multiple-entry Q2 type, I think it is a good choice. You can just apply for it.
Or you can apply for a Q1 type if you don’t trust what the consulate said; after you enter China with a Q1 type, you can apply for a residence permit which will allow you to enter and exit China for multiple times within its validity.
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