Asked by Pisces27 from Canada | Mar. 17, 2017 16:10
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I'm still single at this age I was born on feb 27, 1980. Do you think I can still find my soulmate?

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Answered by Peter from Australia | Mar. 17, 2017 17:00
You had Venus opposition Pluto when you were born. It predisposes you to passionate intimate relationships, which undermine your confidence. You have romantic problems, because you cannot control your passions. You attract the wrong type of guys, who cannot fulfil your dreams. If you ever marry, you will have big problems, as either you or your marriage partner will be too bossy. Instead of changing your attitude, you expect others to change. You will also have problems with inheritances, or with taxes, or with joint finances. You will be extremely disappointed in love. Natal Moon in Leo makes you a Princess, who lost her kingdom. Your natal Mars was conjunct Jupiter, so you don’t have skills to handle money, as you spend more than you earn. At the moment Uranus transits over your natal Venus, causing havoc in your love life. You have 5 retrograde planets in your natal chart, so you are a classy person. Transiting Saturn (the planet which makes sure you do things right), conjuncts now your natal Neptune, which distorts the reality with its impractical dreams. You have a good chance of getting married in the next two years. You must leave the place where you live now, and move to another corner of the country. Find a person born in 1972 (with Sun in Cancer or Scorpio), as this individual will be your best match. 2018 will be your best year to tie the knot. Also it will be a good year to find a job, which will last you until you retire of old age. Good luck.
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