Asked by Lindy from South Africa | Feb. 18, 2017 17:51
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Applying for S2 visa whilst in China on a tourist visa

I am currently on a tourist L type visiting family in Shanghai (my L type expires the 28th of Feb). They both have work visas and I would like to stay longer to take care of their little baby. Is it possible to apply for a S2 type in China or must I exit the country to Hong Kong or Thailand (which is where I got my tourist L type) to apply for the visa?
Side note : I've already been to the Exit and Entry offices and asked for an extention of my tourist L type but they told me "you cannot extend a tourist L type" Thanks for your help.

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Answered by Heidi from USA | Feb. 19, 2017 01:51
You can go to the office again to try to change your L type to a S1 type in order to get the temporary residence permit and stay longer. I'm not sure whether they will allow you to do this, but you can have a try.
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