Asked by Julija from Bosnia | Feb. 08, 2017 19:23
About:Year of the Ox

Hi, I'm born on 10.03.1985. around 8:40pm

I would like to know more about my health, marriage, kids, and career in the future, any job offers from abroad..
Thank you,
Warm regards

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Answered by Peter from Australia | Feb. 08, 2017 23:40
You had when you were born, Moon in the 1st House, so you are a beautiful woman. Your finances were meant to fluctuate all our life, as you had Uranus in your 2nd House. Since you also had Jupiter in your 4th House, you belong to a family with good standing in your community. Jupiter here makes you fortunate in the second part of your life. But because your Jupiter here is afflicted, your family members may become a burden to you, as they have a high lifestyle, and you need more money to support them. You may also have outmoded religious beliefs imposed on you by your family members. As you had Sun in your 5th House, you have a sunny disposition and many friends. You are a loyal wife. You are sincerely interested in the education of your children. With the Sun here, you could also be lucky if you found a job in a foreign tourist resort, where you could make plenty of money. You had Mars in the Seventh House, so you like working with the public, and in partnership. Because your Mars is afflicted here, you will have disagreements with your associates or you will divorce. You need to become tactful and diplomatic with others. Your Mercury in the 6th House makes you successful in science, teaching or management. Venus was here too, so you will have a happy and harmonious work atmosphere, and friendly interaction with colleagues. At the moment transiting Pluto opposes your 9th House of foreign countries, so it may be hard for you to leave and go there. Transiting Uranus had entered your 7th House, so expect extraordinarily happenings with your marriage partner or business associates. Good luck to you.
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