Asked by taurus Girl from Philibpine | Jan. 29, 2017 22:43
About:Year of the Tiger

want to know specifically what might 2017 brings me. born on may 12, 1986- fire tiger.female.

pls tell me how can i block bad vibes/luck. I've been hoping for a big windfall and great wealth since i was young. is there any chance that i might win through lottery/gambling which can leads me to give my family (mom, siblings and nices) wealthy life?. is there a tool made as charms for to keep me lucky more often than not especially in gambling.

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Answered by Peter from Australia | Feb. 01, 2017 21:43
What you need right now is to find advice from a person who knows you, and who has your interest at heart. Gambling never make people rich. People who became millionaires overnight from the lottery, have lost all the money they won, because they didn't have skills to deal with so much money. If you really want to help the people you say you want to help, get a job and start saving money. Write here your hour and minute of birth and we could give you some advice at what profession you may excel. Even the luckier gamblers lost everything after a while. You may need to see a psychologist to help you get rid of gambling. Good luck.
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