Asked by Love from Philippines | Jan. 10, 2017 15:35
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Past relationship/ job career

I was born February 13, 1987. I am single for 2 years, im confuse with my past relationship, hes birthday was November 24, 1989, hes also single and never been in a relation after we broke up.
I am looking for a job but couldnt find one. Can i have your advice please?

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Answered by Peter from Australia | Jan. 10, 2017 16:10
You have been in a relationship, which on our astrological charts is listed as the worst couple. You and him are at opposite poles. You have both suffered from this badly matched relationship. At least you are not in denial like other couples, and you admitted that your relationship didn’t work. You are going to have this year what astrology calls the opposite year. Whatever you try to do it won’t work. You need to wait for this year to pass. Don’t expect to find a good job, which you might think will last, because in an opposite year these kind of miracles never happen. Don’t even consider going back to him, because you will end up like the famous actress Elisabeth Tylor, who was married twice to the same man, Richard Burton, from whom she divorced twice. Look for a man who was born in 1979 (Earth Goat), as he will be your best match. Good luck.
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