Asked by sharmin bristy from Bangladesh | Dec. 31, 2016 05:42
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i want to know about my love life and career...

my name is sharmin.born in 17th june,1989. 4.30 am. i am from bangladesh. i wanna know if there's anything exciting goanna happen?....

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Answered by Peter from Australia | Dec. 31, 2016 15:55
When you were born, you had Uranus the planet of upheaval in your 7th House of Marriage. You are prone to divorce, and be careful, because crowds of people could hurt you. As transiting Saturn had entered your 7th House, it indicates two things. You will either get married, or you would life to get married but you can't find the right partner. Neptune transits right now through your 10th House of Career, and for many years to come, it will cover this area of your life with a thick cloud, so people around you won't know exactly what to say about how they see you. Jupiter transits now through your 5th House of Love, and it gives you the opportunity to fall in love. You are also lucky if you go to travel resorts, or if you take a holiday in a faraway place. You will be lucky at making money. You exude confidence, and are a happy person. Uranus transits now through your 11th House of friends and ideas. It makes you at this time unstable in your friendships and your ideas will keep changing like weather. 2017 will be an excellent year for you on all fronts. Good luck.
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