Asked by Walia from Singapore | Dec. 24, 2016 20:32
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Hong Kong Prearrival Registration Unsuccessful

Hi Guys..looking for some help..i am an Indian working and living in singapore...under the new rule..i tried to fill up the prearrival registration form, but it says "pre-registration unsuccessful"Went to China embassy, but no help.I am traveling in feb for 4 days as a leisure visit. Please help me with some pointers.

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Answered by Joseph from USA | Dec. 25, 2016 01:58
Walia, you should first ensure that you hold an Indian passport valid for at least six months; and you intend to visit the HKSAR for a stay not exceeding 14 days.

If you meet the requirements, then you can contact HK Immigration Department for the reason of the unsuccessful pre-registration. Tel.: (852) 2824 6111
Answered by Tejinder from India | Jan. 03, 2017 13:47
Hi i am facing the same problem, my travel dates are also similar. Pls confirm if you found out a solution.
Answered by Walia from Singapore | Jan. 03, 2017 19:23
HK immigration dept asked me to file for a proper sent the form and documents to them by post...haven't got any update yet.
Answered by Ashish from India | Jan. 09, 2017 00:12
You got any solution
Answered by Vipul from Singapore | Jan. 09, 2017 02:33
How much time did it take for your visa to be processed?
Answered by Tanushree Gupta from India | Jan. 12, 2017 10:03
Hi Walla, I am facing the same problem. how long did they take to give you a visa? I submitted my application but my flight is in 10 days. I am very scared I wont get my visa in time. I am working in the US> Guess the pre-arrival registration is unsuccessful for all Indians who do not live in India... wtf
Answered by walia from Singapore | Jan. 12, 2017 19:31
Hey Tanu...sorry to hear..i haven't received any response from immigration yet..not even an ack number :/...only thing i can suggest you is to try again after 23rd to fill the form..thats what i have heard..that it will work after 23rd jan..filling for visa will take time for you
Answered by RahulS from Malaysia | Jan. 18, 2017 02:31
Guys pls post a solution here if found !! Has someone tried the application again after some days if this works on the second go ? My hunch is that selecting the option of 0 to 4999 HKD for funds has lead to this. If you select the option with more funds say 10,000 HKD and above this works, but the catch it seems is if your registration is un-successful once it remains like that even if you change the value later. I tried trice today but no success.
Answered by Ashish from India | Jan. 21, 2017 23:40
I am facing the same issue. My form is getting unsuccessful again and again.

I tried with some dummy details and when I changed place of passport issue to Delhi, keeping all the dummy details intact, it was successful. ( at first instance the same passport number got unsuccessful when I took other place of passport issue).

Has anyone noticed the same ?
So either they r nt accepting visitors from some Indian cities or their system is not yet updated for the same.
Answered by hims from New Zealand | Jan. 23, 2017 14:01
Hey Just wondering if this has worked for anyone yet
Answered by Shweta from New Zealand | Jan. 24, 2017 05:34
Any solution yet?
Answered by Himanshu from New Zealand | Jan. 24, 2017 05:42
Any solution mate?
Answered by Vik from India | Jan. 25, 2017 03:13
Has anyone found a solution yet or has anyone been able to successfully register.
Answered by Rashmi from India | Jan. 25, 2017 04:08
I am also facing the same issue. Tried everything chines consulate, embassy etc.but only last solution is visa application and that would take atlest 4-6 weeks and i have no time left for the same.please suggest me as well if you find anything
Answered by Hsieh from Singapore | Jan. 25, 2017 17:54
Email to them in requesting urgent assistance for Pre arrival registration.
May not help everyone but i heard it works for some case.
Answered by Tapas from India | Jan. 27, 2017 08:51
Not all Indian, I guess, Only if you use PASSPORT ISSUED Place: Kolkata, Chandigarh etc.
Top cities like Mumbai, Bangalore working fine.

I'm also facing the same as My passport issued in Kolkata. My flight on 12 march.

I think, I need to apply for VISa.

let me know if you found any solution except applying for VISA.

Answered by Munish goyal from India | Feb. 15, 2017 07:36
So have you gone to hong kong
If yes,
How you recieved your pre arrival visa
Pls let me know
I'm also facing the same problem...
Answered by Ravi from Singapore | Feb. 17, 2017 22:23
Hi Walia,
This is ravi here , I am also living in SG and pre-registration visa got unsuccessful.
Would you managed to find any solution? can I have your number for discussion?

Answered by JJ from India | Feb. 20, 2017 12:24
few know about what to do when your PAR IS UNSUCCESSFUL. Once it's unsuccessful, don't try again and again. You will have to post all your required documents (Mentioned on their website) with a demand draft of 190hk $ to immigration department of Hongkong. This process takes about 3 weeks. There is no other way hence make sure you have that much time. I have gone through this. Once they verify your documents, they will mail you the visa by post. Then only you can travel. Hence be very careful while doing your PAR. Don't attempt yourself. Ask someone who knows how to do it. Travel agents would be good.:: hope this helps.
Answered by Devv from India | Mar. 13, 2017 06:35
Hi Walia, Even my wife's PAR was unsuccessful. Any idea if I can apply for the Visa in the Chinese Consulate here in Mumbai ? IF yes, do you know what is the procedure ?
Answered by DAMANARORA22 | Mar. 15, 2017 18:13
Hi Ashish,

My name is Daman. I am facing the same issue. When I tried my place of passport issue from Jalandar to Delhi, my per-registration was successful and same was unsuccessful when I tried with Jalandhar.
Have you been to Hong Kong yet and did u faced any issue with change of place of passport.
I am scared if they would be allowing me to visit Hong Kong or not as I am going to visit Hong Kong next week and I don't have sufficient time for applying for Visa.
I do appreciate your quick reply on the same.
Answered by RAVI123456 | Mar. 26, 2017 08:05

can you give me your number.. I faced same problem. Should i travel or not please let us know
Answered by RAVI123456 | Mar. 26, 2017 08:07
Hi Daman,

I got the PAR after changing the place Chandigarh to Delhi .

Should i go or not ? Please confirm if you visit HONG KONG

I have flight tomorrow from delhi
Answered by Vikram1512 from India | Mar. 26, 2017 10:14
I am facing same problem.. My flight is on 8th April.. Plz help
Answered by Vikram1512 from India | Mar. 26, 2017 10:15
Hi Ravi.
What's ur mobile n. Or email ID.
Answered by RAVI123456 | Mar. 26, 2017 11:19
my mobile number is 9999948492 and can you give me your number please
Answered by John Doe | Mar. 27, 2017 11:25
Those who obtained their PAR by changing their passport info (e.g., place of birth or place of issuance) will be caught by HK immigration. There will be serious consequences.
Answered by Vishal from India | Mar. 27, 2017 12:39
Hi Daman,

Did you traveled to Hong Kong by changing place of issue?

Do they accept changes letter, if explained.
Answered by sujay from USA | Mar. 31, 2017 18:35
This system is crazy, my family wanted to travel. My and my kid's PAR got registered. But my wife's is always getting rejected. Not sure why...
I guess they have a policy of dropping a few randomly for paper based authorization.
There is no other valid reason.
Answered by Gaurav from Australia | Apr. 02, 2017 02:10
Hi Guys,

Mine and my wife's PAR application also got rejected. We both are living in Australia, and Passport's place of issue was Chandigarh.

Does anyone got any solutions/suggestions regarding the same issue. My flight is in 10 days and we don't have time for Visa.

I will really appreciate your quick response.

Answered by Ramaprasad from UAE | Apr. 02, 2017 10:46
I just completed PAR for me, wife and daughter from Dubai. Its successful in the first go. May be it depends on the browser we use and OS. Minimum windows 10 as specified.
Answered by Vikram Narang from India | Apr. 03, 2017 01:53
Hi gaurav

There is no other way. You have to apply for Visa only.. The only way possible is to apply through any sponser in HK and after approval ask him to send visa tags by Fastest courier service or reschedule your tour.

Vikram Narang
Answered by Adam from USA | Apr. 03, 2017 03:10
It is a tough question.
Answered by Sou from Singapore | Apr. 03, 2017 22:32
This process takes about 3 weeks:Is it the time from visa application send HK embassy to the receipt by post?Please confirm
Answered by Murtuza from India | Apr. 04, 2017 12:11
hi daman,
So have you got any solution?
Even i am treveling next week.
Answered by Nitin M from India | Apr. 10, 2017 05:44
Same problem here. Travelling on 22nd April and PAR is unsuccesful for me & my wife. All my other bookings are confirmed. Pls respond if any one has been able to go through it.
Answered by Aditii, Hyderabad from India | Apr. 12, 2017 02:25
Same Problem with me. We are travelling on 16th April and our PAR is unsuccessful.
I have tried calling them but no reply.
I do not know what is to be done.
I guess cancel the plan. nothing else seems possible.
Will try emailing them.
Answered by Amrita from UAE | Apr. 12, 2017 08:47
Hi Aditi, are you able to travel on 16th April?
Answered by Vishal from India | Apr. 12, 2017 11:45
I know someone whose visa was not processed even after 28 days.

We applied from India. Even after repeated calling and email no help received from immigration department. Ultimately tickets had to be cancelled resulting in 60000 loss.

Another I could suggest in apply for Macau. They have mentioned on their website that visa is processed in 5 days. Hong Kong and Macau are connected by speedboats. Hong Kong Immigration check points at their ferry terminals. Might be other way around also possible. Call and check some hotel in Macau
Answered by Kiran from India | Apr. 13, 2017 03:03
Hi all we family of 5 we are travelling on 22 april to hongkong but only 3 of us got success and i and my husband got unsuccessful what to do we cannot apply for visa now .i tried atleast 30 times But no use .once while filling i filled date of birth and visa issued date same then it got successful what is this is the software not proper or what is happening instead of this pr if they say us to directly apply visa to hongkong it is much better all booking r done lose of almost 80000 any help or suggestions from any plz quickly
Answered by Raju from hong kong | Apr. 13, 2017 03:51
Hi Kiran,
i faced same issue yesterday..Stupid cathey pacific people not allowed to airport because of my 2years baby place of birth is different to passport. Total 4 tickets i lossed. Even we cant get money return because while booking the ticket which i booked NO_REFUNDABLE ticket.

I spoke to them almost 2hours use .. i am In HK and and contacted directly customer service no proper response,. Surprised embassy customer service people not speaking in English..
Answered by shailesh from india | Apr. 13, 2017 09:46
have you visited to HK with change in passport addres. was there any problem please let me known
Answered by shailesh from india | Apr. 13, 2017 09:47
please send me your mobile no
Answered by Mo from China | Apr. 15, 2017 04:08
I am an Indian national living in China and want to travel to Hong Kong for 7 days (starting Apr 23), I tried doing PAR today and it says unsuccessful. Hotel and flight were already booked. I wish they just said apply for a visa (without this uncertainty). Visa cost is nothing compared to other costs (flight, hotels). I hope they at least let us know the reason for the PAR to be unsuccessful.
Answered by Alex from India | Apr. 17, 2017 02:41
Guys, follow their instructions on activating Adobe reader plugin for PDF and activate Java. If you don't sea java, just Google for plugin - Quick Java. After the installations, I restarted my Firefox browser. When I applied again, successfully got my confirmation for pre-approval
Answered by Mahedh from Macau | Apr. 17, 2017 12:59
Hi guys my name is Mahesh and iam working in Macau.i visited Hong Kong two time before Jan.evry time when I go Hong Kong immigration people use to stop and ask plenty of that time I observed one thing every time when I reach immigration counter that officer use to check some codes from his dairy by observing my passport.I asked the officer for the reason why they stop me every time when I come here,he told me that we will stop u every time when u come here because of u r pass port number.some series of passport numbers are in observation due to some issues.
Iam also trying for pre araival registering,but it is unsuccessful every time I try.
My whatsapp number is +85365276841
Answered by Prats from India | Apr. 18, 2017 08:22
Was this after unsuccessful attempts?
Answered by Pri from India | Apr. 18, 2017 14:04
apart from the PAR and passport, what do they ask for at the immigration ? My family and myself have got the PAR and are travelling next week but unsure how much cash to carry. Flights and hotel is paid already so we are planning to carry approx $5000 HKD and the rest we would withdraw as and when required - is that sufficient?
Answered by Jaswinder from India | Apr. 19, 2017 12:04
Sir u have cash money usa $ 4000 u go Hongkong
Answered by Anil from India | Apr. 21, 2017 00:47
Hi My travel dates are for 9th May and my pre arrival registration is unsuccessful after several attempts. I have submitted my docs to the Hong Kong Immigration department in Hong Kong and also sent them Fax on 18th april. How many days from date of submission should I get my visa.
Answered by ShivamManjani from India | Apr. 21, 2017 07:00
How to submit them the documents?
Answered by madan from India | Apr. 21, 2017 07:22
Hi Anil, How did you submit your docs to HK Immigration department? is it via post? If yes can you please share the process. I've travel on 5th May
Answered by SL from India | Apr. 21, 2017 08:24
For those sending the application directly by post to the HK immigration department, it will take AT LEAST 6 weeks to get the Visa tags in hand from the day it reaches HK, and may well take a few weeks more than that (I know people who have got it over 10 weeks after it reached).

Those submitting through a local sponsor in person at the HK immigration department, with the sponsor paying the fees and collecting the tags in person once the Visa is approved can hope to get it in 4 weeks if you are very lucky.
Answered by Alan from India | Apr. 21, 2017 15:19
Will it really Help???
Answered by rakesh from India | Apr. 22, 2017 00:08
My visa get not approved... God know what they want. They even do not know the genuine tourist..we Indian must avoid hong kong
Answered by rakesh from India | Apr. 22, 2017 00:09
My contact no 9416101933
Answered by Anil from India | Apr. 22, 2017 21:29
I got it submitted through local sponsor
Answered by Karam from India | Apr. 23, 2017 15:23
Kiran could you please leave your number
Answered by Ratan from India | Apr. 25, 2017 13:03

Was your first attempt unsucessful .. and what the passport issue center . I get to hear All PAR application from hyderabad are unsuccesfull .

Answered by Yuvraj from India | May. 02, 2017 05:20
Hi Ravi, did you actually travel? I am trying to call you as well. Please advice
Answered by Nam3less from India | May. 02, 2017 22:18
One of my business colleagues also had the same issue of unsuccessful PAR. His pp is issued from UK. Strangely i made a mistake in typing his birthdate to 1 year more than the actual and he got the PAR as successful. Currently he is travelling from india for a meeting on may 8th which will most likely be wasteful. Hope the HKSAR sorts out its website.
Answered by Vasudha from India | May. 03, 2017 19:35
Hi had to travel to HK on 21 april couldn't as my place if issue was hyderabad and i got unsuccessful PAR. The minute i changed it to delhi. PAR was successful.. Any chance idea if this is now rectified.. I have to travel again in July
Answered by n k from India | May. 05, 2017 06:43
only Kolkata issued passport facing this problem
Answered by Anuj from India | May. 05, 2017 09:02
What happened then did u go
Answered by ANUJ from India | May. 05, 2017 21:28
Answered by ANUJ from India | May. 05, 2017 21:30
Answered by deep from India | May. 08, 2017 03:38
Hi Sir,

Have you got any solution, i am also facing the same issues of unsuccessful registration . My place of passport issues is Chandigarh. I have to travel on 15th May.

Could you please assist to advise anything ?
Answered by Tejaswini from India | May. 09, 2017 06:40
Soo wat u did dat day?? Solution plz u got de visa after u sent draft to honkkong??
Answered by Mitasi from India | May. 11, 2017 06:38
Did you get your visa finally????
Answered by Anand from India | May. 12, 2017 05:20
Hi, I am facing same issue. My pre-arrival registration is getting unsuccessful. I guess this issue comes when you have any prior work permit or having a work permit of other country.
Answered by Daniel from India | May. 15, 2017 00:36
I'll get you a pre- registration. Send me your details
Answered by Manan from India | May. 15, 2017 01:44
Hello Guys, I am also facing same issues after several tries getting unsuccessful for pre registration.
My flight is on 21st May. I guess place of issue Chandigarh is the main cause because all the details are correct seems. Pls if some one can help..
Answered by nk from India | May. 15, 2017 04:30
give your details
Answered by Manan from India | May. 15, 2017 07:34
Is there any way that somebody personally can visit in hong konk immigration department to submit my details like passport, invitation letter for attending a seminar and travel tickets for visa approvals.
I am going to attend a seminar and i can request somebody from local company to visit and submit on my behalf or instead sending by post as it will take time. My travels date is on 21st may,2017.
Answered by Supriya from India | May. 15, 2017 09:33
The reason PAR gets unsuccessful is,your passport place of Issue and age.if you are between 18 to 35. Your PAR will be unsuccessful for Hyderabad,Candigarh,Jalandhar Nasik and there are few more.If your place of issue is Delhi.No restriction of age.It will always be successful.
Answered by ANUJ from India | May. 15, 2017 12:53
Answered by Supriya from HK | May. 15, 2017 16:37
You have to apply to HK Immigration,thats the only solution
Answered by Manan from India | May. 16, 2017 01:08
Hi Daniel, Please give your contact number or please contact me on 91-7022281217. I need your urgent help in getting pre registration succesfull. I will be traveling on 21st May.
Answered by Ronak from India | May. 16, 2017 01:19
Can you please share your contact no.
Answered by Uday from India | May. 16, 2017 17:47
PAR is unsuccessful afo more than 15 times. I'm travelling on 21 May, please advise me if we have an option to pass through, planning to call Hong Kong immigration department to resolve this. My passport issue place is Hyderabad.
Answered by Supriya from Hong Kong | May. 16, 2017 18:21
There is no option,if PAR is unsuccessful.You hv to apply.You can visit Macau in ferry through airport terminal taking a ferry.Macau is one month visa free
Answered by Nav from India | May. 16, 2017 21:33
Did you get your pre registration successful ?
Answered by Uday from India | May. 17, 2017 00:31
Thanks for the reply, you are right, just called Hong Kong immigration office ((852) 2824 6111), they said the same like you.
Answered by Sheetal from India | May. 17, 2017 05:32
Hii dear
Did you go??
Answered by Uday from India | May. 17, 2017 15:29
My son's PAR is completed successfully first time, but myself and my wife's PAR was always failed. Only difference between us is passport issue location, my son's passport issue location is Houston, myself and my wife's passport issue location is Hyderabad.
I don't know what is the root cause.
Answered by Sheetal from India | May. 18, 2017 10:32
Did he travel ...
Plz update
Answered by Supriya from Hong kong | May. 18, 2017 11:47
As I said earlier,if ur issue if passport is from Hyderabad and ur age is between 18 to 35 ur PAR will be unsuccessful. This bot in the system is on the basis of some analysis done on historical data of ppl visiting hong kong.
Answered by Akhil from India | May. 19, 2017 07:56
I am tweeting to sushma swaraj
Everyone retweet
Answered by Parminder Singh from India | May. 19, 2017 08:37
I faced the same issue , my boys and my mother could obtain the PAR successfully, but i could not. And that, for no rhyme or reason, So i contacted the Chinese embassy in New Delhi. But to my dismay, that had no answer or a clue to the entire issue.i have now written to the honourable minister for external affairs: Mrs. Sushma Swaraj, to take up the issue of this harassment being taken by indian nationals travelling to Hong Kong.
Answered by Parminder Singh from India | May. 19, 2017 08:39
perfect, i just dropped a mail to Ma'am and her PA
Answered by Rajesh Gherani from India | May. 19, 2017 08:49
Same issue Bro ...Just applied for HK visa to celebrate my Parents Golden Jubilee but to our dismay 3 out of 13 family members ( Children aged 18-25) got unsuccessful..its disgusting and very irritating. God save us from this agony..
Answered by Sup from China | May. 19, 2017 11:16
The external ministry of India has no power or authority to impose any suggestion or issue, about HK immigration policy and control on the immigration department of the Hong Kong Special administrative region of the people's republic of China. So just apply directly for an entry visa to the Hong Kong Immigration department by mail.
Answered by Ruchi from India | May. 24, 2017 07:13
Were u able to fly
Answered by Abhishek from India | May. 24, 2017 07:14
I also need pre arrival registration can u help us
My no. 9312371236
Answered by Manish agarwal from India | May. 25, 2017 13:51
Hii daman ,

I am facing same issue please advise HV u travelled by changing place of issue in visa form.
Answered by Rajesh jain from India | May. 30, 2017 11:44
Danial urgent contact rajesh 9246345211
Answered by John Doe | May. 31, 2017 09:25
Several outcomes when the PAR is obtained by deliberately providing untrue information (e.g., providing different place of issuance, place of birth or age than the travel document):
1) Be denied transportation by the airline (most likely scenario).
2) If you somehow got on the plane and reached HK, then you will be arrested by HK immigration for committing an offence punishable for two years in jail and a fine of up to HK$100,000.
DO NOT TRY TO CHEAT. Seriously, do you really think they won't find out with the computerized system?
Answered by Supriya from Hong Kong | Jun. 01, 2017 11:37
Very true,Hong Kong Immigration us too efficient.You cannot cheat them.
Answered by Rajesh jain from India Hyderabad | Jun. 07, 2017 00:31
I HAVE FRESH Experienced OF hongkong immigration they are very clear if your registration is unsuccessful u will have to apply proper visa but it takes atleast 5 weeks minimum, if you are applying for proper visa do refer for documents required for submitting along with application form and 190 hongkong Dollar DD, if the documents r not submitted in complete it would delay the process more

And if someone trying to change the place of issue to get PAR successfull they would be denied, I have seen almost all Indians are taken in a separate room and been thoroughly intorogated and varified by them, if they find any correction they would themselves try to rectify and allow entry for hongkong but for some cases in hyderabad were age group above 18 to 40 are getting unsuccessful cannot travel as those PAR are not correctable

The immigration people would give 2 options to go back or take a ferry from inside the Hong Kong airport towards Macau which is visa free for Indians

U can spend few days here ....

The major problem here is there has been asylum problems many unwanted Indians especially from few cities of India are illegally getting settled

If someone really wants to visit hongkong whose par is unsuccessful can go for proper visa but should plan for 2 to 3 months prior
Answered by Rupa from India | Jun. 11, 2017 12:18
Hi..did u send details for visa
Answered by Rupa from India | Jun. 11, 2017 12:21
I have a exam in august..I am afraid of not getting in der any Indian Hong Kong embassy so that I can get it fast
Answered by Rajesh hyderabad from India | Jun. 12, 2017 06:50
No hongkong embassy in India and Chinese embassy are of no use do not waste time with them, yes I have sent my proper visa but it took around 5 to 6 weeks time , for first three weeks there won't be any reply later you will get a reference numbers through which you can track your visa application
Answered by Rupa from India | Jun. 13, 2017 10:17
Thank you.. My husband wanna accompany me.. Do we need to pay 190$ separately
Answered by Rajesh from India | Jun. 14, 2017 05:11
Yes 190hkd DD is compulsory of any bank having its branches in Hong Kong
Answered by Oindrila Dey from India | Jun. 15, 2017 01:13
Thank you Rajesh for your advise, which is a genuine one. Wish we could have contacted you before we planned out all. We never realised that PAR can be unsuccessful and tired to register 25 days before the date of departure. Mine was successful but my husband's turned out unsuccessful. We searched on the net and understood that it is a common problem. However couldnot understand the way out. Came across this website. We tried to accelerate the process of VISA application ( as we had 21 days in between) with the help of VSA Global ( Hong Kong) Limited
They CLAIM to get your Visa done in 14 days.But it a FRAUD!!!! DO NOT fall into it. Immigration department takes their sweet time of 28-30 working days and there is not way of accelerating the process ( This has been communicated by the immigration department only). We lost thousands in the process and had to cancel all possible arrangements together with the 14K we paid to VSA for no good reason.
So if you don't plan 2-3 months prior there is no way out!
Answered by Supriya from Hong kong | Jun. 15, 2017 05:50
Once you get your reference number,write an application to the Immigration with attached documents of exam details. They will speed up the process.I got the visa for my son in 1 week 4 days.Ofcourse I had the advantage of visiting the Immigration personally.I hope this helps
Answered by Ishwar from India | Jun. 19, 2017 14:06
I have same problem for you please help me
Answered by vipul jindal from USA | Jun. 19, 2017 15:34
anyone able to get PAR after getting unsuccessful or getting visa is only option?
Answered by Rajesh from India | Jun. 20, 2017 02:03
Getting visa is only solution you can get your PAR successfull by either changing place of issue of passport but that would be thoroughly verified by immigration department at hongkong airport and later would be denied entry to hongkong...hence Do go for proper visa
If u have booked your tour do extend the dates by postponing at least by 2 to 3 months and submit your travel itinerary and all other documents required clearly mentioned online with 290 hongkong Dollar for each traveller
Note : you need to send separate application form for each travellers
Answered by Rajesh from India. | Jun. 20, 2017 03:30
Correction 190 hongkong Dollar DD
Answered by sree jayalakshmi from India | Jun. 20, 2017 09:07
hi, my name is SREE JAYALAKSHMI, my passport issued at HYDERABAD, i am also facing unsuccessful registration so many times, help me am travelling 23rd June, 2017
Answered by Rajesh from India | Jun. 20, 2017 23:03
Please change your date to atleast September 1st week after applying proper visa directly to hongkong immigration office or cancel your bookings of hongkong and can travel to Macau with internal ferry from hongkong airport if you are visiting for a lisure trip....Macau is visa free for India and is Las Vegas of the east you can have good time there as well
Answered by Moe from India | Jun. 25, 2017 10:29
Mine go unsuccessful for Kolkata as issue place so I changed it to Delhi and it was successful..I reached Hong Kong n they asked me to go back change in their decision so we went to Macau!!!
Answered by Sanjesh rai from India | Jun. 27, 2017 12:09
Please send me your contact no as I m also facing the same problem
Answered by Pulkit from India | Jun. 29, 2017 21:49
Is there an option to goto shenzhen from hk airport? I am facing the same problem ...Chandigarh passport..pre registration rejected. All my bookings are non refundable.
Answered by AMIT from India | Jul. 01, 2017 08:49
Did anyone tried this method of sending it by post and got visa by post?
Answered by Kiran from India | Jul. 06, 2017 12:18
HI, Can u get Pre Approval Visa for Hong Kong for an application which got rejected. Travel date is 7th July.
Answered by Santhosh from India | Jul. 07, 2017 22:29
Hi Rahul,
How did you overcome this issue?
Answered by Niti from India | Jul. 21, 2017 12:52
Guys I faced the same problem I would suggest you first apply for Visa and then book your tickets if pre registration is unsuccessful then cancel your tickets it takes 4 weeks to get visa from immgration department
Answered by Nitika from Japan. | Jul. 23, 2017 06:31
Hi i am facing same trouble ! What did you do then ! Please response my flight is in 2 weeks thanks
Answered by Rhythm from India | Aug. 05, 2017 00:23
Hi Daniel. My travel is on 9th Aug. We are a family of 4. Our parents' PAR is a success but my brother's and mine got cancelled. Can you please help?
Answered by p from India | Aug. 10, 2017 04:25
can you please provide the address of immigration department of Hongkong
Answered by p from India | Aug. 10, 2017 04:51
Whall all documents we need to send to them , can you please advise
Answered by Shristi from Canada | Aug. 21, 2017 12:22
Hi there,

My PAR is getting "unsuccessful". Anybody knows why? I am eligible. I hold an Indian passport but reside in Canada. Is that the reason?

I am travelling in October so I have a month for application. Should I apply for a full visa? I am visiting only for 4 days.

Please help!
Answered by Srik from Bahrain | Aug. 23, 2017 03:51
Guys, I have a diff problem for which I need help. PAR made successfully and notification slip also printed - now noticed a mistake made while entering Place of Birth - so it is not matching the passport POB.

Has anyone re-applied for PAR (for the same passport number) with corrected details - and obtained PAR successfully the 2nd time? If yes, how to do it- just click the Link and enter all details again like a fresh application?

PLs travel is in 2 weeks.
Answered by Harjeet Sodhi from India | Aug. 23, 2017 20:55
Change city to others and then type your city.
Answered by Srik from Bahrain | Aug. 24, 2017 01:25
Understood. Can I just click the link and enter details in the application for a new PAR ( with no connection whatsoever to old PAR?) ?
Answered by srik from Bahrain | Aug. 24, 2017 07:43
Got my corrected PAR successfully! If u got a PAR with details not matching ur PP, just click the link for PAR and re-input all details (like a fresh application) - take special care about place of birth, city of residence, etc - use option Others if ur value is not there in the list of values.
There is no reference to earlier issued PAR...
Answered by Safras from Chennai | Aug. 24, 2017 08:43
Hello can yu plz tell how many days the pre registration form is valid? I have successfully filled everything bt it shows dat it is timeout even I tried second time filling everything bt it shows dat yu have already successfully done i don't know wat to Do now😒 plz suggest me some idea
Answered by Srini from Bahrain | Aug. 24, 2017 23:19
Registration is valid for 6 months. Timeout is usually because of computer problems or u were slow in entering...try the following options
1) try entering a fresh application from a different computer..keep all details together and ready on a separate paper so that u do not waste time looking at various documents while inputting data

2) There is an option of retrieving your notification using the secret question and answer...
as per FAQ on their website "To view or reprint a notification slip, you may use the "View/Print Registration Notification Slip" function of the PAR system. To use this function, you are required to input your Indian passport number, select the Identification Question chosen and provided the exact answer provided during the registration process.:"
3) last option is contact HKG immigration ... write to - with ur passport number and other details and explain the problem.. they will reply after 4-5 days... or u can call HK immigration on their tel number shown on the website.

I suggest u should try option 2 first.
After ur problem is solved, pls do post ur feedback as to how u did it- so it will help others
Answered by Prem from India | Aug. 25, 2017 15:11
Please change the place of issue of passport to your nearest popular city like Mumbai, delhi, Kolkata, Chennai etc.. try this.. it is 100% successful
Answered by srik | Aug. 25, 2017 15:38
Please note that the PAR registration & notification slip must match the passport. No use entering a false POB in the application just to get a PAR.. Airline will not allow boarding if PAR does not match with PP.
If u want to register with a different POB, then a new passport must be issued with the new POB mentioned on it - before u apply for a PAR with that info.
Answered by Gauri Shanker from India | Aug. 27, 2017 09:48
I hope you got the solution as of now & hope u had visited hongkong. Could you please help me as I have faced the same problem. My passport issued place is from Punjab, India
Answered by srik | Aug. 31, 2017 11:04
What exactly is ur problem? Is your PAR unsuccessful?
Answered by Vijay Singh from Indonesia | Sep. 04, 2017 23:14
Hi , my name is Vijay Singh and I already registered for pre registrations for arrival in Hong Kong. But could not print. I tried several times at last got the small print and when I went to Airport then Airlines Cathay pacific turned me down. Although I visited more than 3 times to Hong Kong in the past but they still turned me down. It was really bad. I presume they want to decline entry of Indian passport holders. It is too bad for immigration department of Indian Passport holders
Answered by Bhawna from India | Sep. 05, 2017 16:39
I am facing same me out plz
Answered by Adil from India | Sep. 11, 2017 06:34
Hi I and my parents planning to visit Hong Kong this month, my parents pre arrival registration has been successful and my pre arrival registration has been unsuccessful and I applied directly to the immigration by sending documents, can you please tell me how many days they will take to issue visiting visa for 6 nights 7days. As i am having only 2 weeks please reply, as my departure is on 28th this month from vizag
Answered by Manshi from India | Sep. 11, 2017 11:43
Facing same issue. How did you get Hong Kong entry permit?
Answered by John Doe | Sep. 11, 2017 16:33
The standard processing time for a HK visa is no less than 4 weeks (provided that you have submitted ALL required documents BY POST to Hong Kong). The Chinese embassy in Delhi has EXPLICITLY STATED on its webpage that it would NOT accept Hong Kong visa applications made by Indians. Plan accordingly.
Answered by Shailesh from India | Sep. 20, 2017 06:53
Is there ANYONE who has received the Visa by post from HongKong? PAR UNSUCCESSFUL and I applied for the entry permit 4 weeks ago ( registered post and it was received 4 weeks ago) but no update whatsoever - And with NO way to track - I checked with the bank if the drafts have been encashed- and it seems that hasn't been done yet.. I wonder if this is a message that Indians SHOULD STOP wasting their monies for HK Tourism..
This is one of the worst experiences I have had with entry permit application process.
I am not even Sure if anyone gets a entry permit even after applying with all required documents to HK Embassy.. Pretty weird workflow where the customer has no way to track!!
Answered by abhijot from India | Sep. 21, 2017 10:45
hi ...did you travel with these changes?
Answered by abhijit from India | Sep. 21, 2017 10:48
did you travel with change of passport issue changes? did u get any problem?
Answered by Arijit from India | Sep. 21, 2017 12:04
Send me ur phone number
Answered by abhijit from India | Sep. 21, 2017 12:35
did u ask me?
Answered by abhijot from India | Sep. 21, 2017 12:48
hi vasudha.did u travel?
Answered by dish from India | Sep. 22, 2017 13:01
One of last quality country is HongKong. Not any fruitful system. Totally bad system. They Dont have arrangement and good system to identify genuine visitor of India.

There are somany peoples are denied to enter in HK without mention any perfect reason. They want that Indian people should not visit his country.

As per my opinion never visit HK. Last quality immigration service, behaviour.

Take interview after person came though travelled long back.

HK does not have enough fund open office at india process visa applicaton.

My suggestion that please avoid this type of last quality country who does not care our Genuine Indian Tourist.
Answered by Avinash from India | Sep. 22, 2017 14:49
Has any one got their PAR renewed successfully second time?
Answered by Shah from India | Sep. 23, 2017 07:52
I think you right bro, I'm from meerut and I got the same message.
Answered by Nupur from India | Sep. 24, 2017 04:35
Hi, Which OS and browser will be appropriate to use??
Answered by srik | Sep. 26, 2017 02:32
Hi Bhawna,

Did u try to re-print the PAR using the "View/Print Registration Notification Slip" function of the PAR system ?
Answered by Vipin from India | Oct. 04, 2017 12:29
Facing the same Issue for a Passport issued in Hyderabad. Flight next week. Any help in writing to them? Please let us know. Any help appreciated.
Answered by srik | Oct. 05, 2017 03:21

From the various posts it seems if pp issued in Mumbai or Delhi is fine- all other places likely to face a problem.
If u email them , normally it takes 4 days to get a reply. To apply to HKG Immig and get a visa issued will take at least 3 weeks.
So flight next week seems very dicey. Anyhow at least email them with flight details included, so maybe u will get a positive response.
Answered by Haku from Malaysia | Oct. 12, 2017 23:26
00Reply can just open link and fill the application form again.It would be fine.
Answered by Sapna from India | Oct. 21, 2017 07:08
I wrote wrong place of issue by mistake. Could there be a problem at immigration
Answered by Sapna from India | Oct. 21, 2017 07:09
Wrote wrong place of issue ! Worried! Dunno what to do ! Help
Answered by Sapna from India | Oct. 21, 2017 07:10
Did u go ? Were you allowed ?
Answered by Subu from India | Oct. 26, 2017 05:13
Guys, My passport issue palce is visakhapatnam and currently stay in china.
My PAR is unsuccessful and my travel date is 31st DEC.
Can you tell me what is the best thing I can do.
Answered by Srik | Oct. 31, 2017 03:47
Sapna- I recently travelled to HKG with PAR. At HKG immig they check each and every details of PAR against the PP. So with wrong Place of Issue on the PAR - very unlikely that u will be allowed in.
Try applying for PAR once again but from a different computer - this time make sure all details match exactly.
If that fails, ur only option is to send all papers with fees to HKG immigration dept and get a tourist visa from them. (Pls note local Chinese embassy will not accept ur HKG visa application).
Answered by Srik | Oct. 31, 2017 03:50
I feel all Indians facing problem with PAR should write an email to Indian Govt - Ministry of External Affairs complaining about the problems with the PAR procedure and ask them to take up with HKG govt to allow for correction of mistakes in PAR. After all Indian citizens are providing sufficient tourist revenue to Hong Kong and should not face so much problem to get an entry visa.
Answered by Srik | Oct. 31, 2017 03:51
Subu - you have to apply to Hong Kong Immigration directly for a visa. This will take at least 4 weeks.
Answered by Harsha from Malaysia | Nov. 07, 2017 00:54
Hi Subu, you need to fill the application form and attach all your supporting documents with visa fee(HK dollar 190) and send to HK immigration through airmail.They will send you a reference number via email to check your application status.It may take 4 to 6 weeks. So better apply at the earliest.
Answered by subu from India | Nov. 16, 2017 20:45

I have sent my docuemnts to HK embassy and reached there on 8 NOV,

Still i didnt receive any acknowledgement.Sent an email for the same but still waiting.
Answered by Mandy from Canada | Nov. 29, 2017 11:09
Does this apply to Transit entry permit as well? 3 weeks is including the label transit time?
Answered by John Doe | Nov. 29, 2017 13:15
Indians do not need a transit visa or a PAR if they do not clear immigration and customs in Hong Kong.
Answered by Mandy from Canada | Dec. 01, 2017 11:34
I have a layover of about 13 Hrs. and wanted to go out. My Pre-arrival registration was unsuccessful so I called immigration in Hong Kong and they asked me to apply for transit entry permit. They received my papers on 11/24 but I haven't received anything after that. I asked them if they could deliver my label on approval in India and they said yes. I have roughly about 5 weeks. So, just wondering, Does that 4 weeks time apply to Transit Visa or No?
Answered by John Doe | Dec. 02, 2017 23:50
HK does not issue separate transit visas and all transit visa applications are deemed to be applications for visitor visas. In your case it will take the same amount of time as a standard visitor one which is at least four weeks.
Answered by Mandy from Canada | Dec. 03, 2017 00:16
How long does it take to acknowledgement of receipt? Does the 4 week time start after they receive my paperwork or after the acknowledgement? Does that 4 week include label transit time or no? Thanks so much!
Answered by Deep from India | Dec. 04, 2017 12:03
Only passports issued in Delhi and Mumbai are accepted straight away. Other passports with visa refusals and no travel history to hk or any other country will be rejected. There has been a growing number of illegal immigrants to hk from many Indian cities. They are using some kind of algorithms to study the pattern and make decisions.
Answered by Kapro from India | Dec. 05, 2017 03:02
My pre arrival was also unsuccessful then I applied for entry visa by sending all required docs and draft of KH$190 to hong kong immigration department directly and got my entry permit after 6 weeks. It almost takes 6 to 10 weeks.
Answered by Kapro from India | Dec. 05, 2017 03:03
For first 4 weeks , I didnt get any reply from them.
Answered by sandeep from India | Dec. 06, 2017 12:42
walia ji do you mean to say that before doing these alterations your par was unsucceccful
Answered by Raj from India | Dec. 07, 2017 03:09
Hi Daniel,

We are planing travel to HKG in Jan 26th 2018. My wife's visa got successful but, mine was unsuccessful.
Please help me out how to proceed further.
Answered by Amit Pandey from India | Dec. 09, 2017 11:25
My documents were received in Hong Kong 4 weeks back. Is there a way I can get reference number. Please let me know.
Answered by Jatin Bahl from India | Dec. 11, 2017 18:23
Hi Did u get ur visa on time ?
Answered by Zack from India | Dec. 18, 2017 09:48
Hi i got approval successfull...but the problem is travel agent...accidently miss hit place of issue...can it work...
Answered by Gary from Hong Kong | Dec. 18, 2017 21:12
Zack: I would recommend to put the appropriate information on the online form that match with the details on your passport. The immigration officer at the port of entry in HK could deny entry if the information does not match.
Answered by Mohit Garg from India | Dec. 22, 2017 04:19
Hi Aditi,

I came across this post about Hong Kong PAR for Indians being unsuccessful. As you faced this problem and you are also from Hyderabad, could you tell me whether you could find a solution.
Would be great if you could reply as I have my flight in 2 days.
You can email me your response
Mohit Garg
Answered by Rohit Arora from India | Dec. 22, 2017 17:10
Hi All, my wife's PAR was unsuccessful and we had only 2 weeks in our hand.. after reading all these post, I alomost left the hope but what if I tell u we got VISA in 10 working days.. Yes, I just collected it, one of my friend got it as he was coming from HK.. tomorrow is our flight to HK.. 2 weeks is just impossible but our friends in HK, lot of calls, fax, email, requests and escalations made it happen.. I just cant explain what all we did in last two week to get visa.. 1.5 Lakh was on stake..
Answered by Raja from India | Jan. 05, 2018 08:55
I read on Skypier Turbojet site that Hong Kong PAR is required for Indian Nationals to take Ferry from HK airport (HKIA) to Macau:

I called Cathay Pacific: they seem to suggest that I do not need PAR (similar to replies on this thread).
Can someone who travelled after Jan 23, 2017 confirm that they did NOT need Hong Kong PAR when taking Ferry from HKIA to Macau and coming back to HKIA.
Answered by LAVISH from India | Jan. 08, 2018 02:39

NO 8130033312
Answered by sushant from india | Jan. 09, 2018 23:13
Same problem with Amritsar too. Can anybody help ?
Does changing currency has any impact ?
Answered by Rohit from India | Jan. 10, 2018 13:10
Yes Amritsar has problem, I faced it..if once rejected then currency change will not help.
Answered by sushant from india | Jan. 11, 2018 00:32
Thanks Rohit, So any advice on how should i proceed.
Answered by Rohit from India | Jan. 13, 2018 00:24
only 1 option left, find a sponsor in HK and apply through him/her and keep following up
Answered by Rohit from India | Jan. 13, 2018 00:25
you can call me at 9814629261, I can share with you what I did to get it 2 weeks.
Answered by Sayan from Hyderabad, India | Jan. 17, 2018 10:55
Escalating the matter to:

CC: ''; '';;

helps. Please do not forget to mention/highlight the issue place and age. I got this information from Hong Kong Consulate.
Answered by Sayan from Hyderabad, India | Jan. 17, 2018 10:59
Sent escalations email every day and I got my Visa in hand in 4 weeks 1 day including the days of courier transit through DHL.
Answered by Sayan from Hyderabad, India | Jan. 17, 2018 11:01
Tweet the same content to CarrieLam2017
Answered by Sayan from Hyderabad, India | Jan. 17, 2018 11:04
Take the screenshots of their standard reply and tweet it everyday. Please do not forget to mention the passport details (especially place and age).
Answered by Sayan from Hyderabad, India | Jan. 17, 2018 11:08
Do not include DD with the application. It will delay the process. Once the Visa is successful use HK counterparts to collect on your behalf and use DHL to courier back. Contact Arbind +91 90007 99141 if you do not have any HK local contact.
Answered by Sayan from Hyderabad, India | Jan. 17, 2018 11:22
I started escalations after 3 weeks everyday. If I would have started earlier, as I did not get notification/reference number as well, I could have got visa in 5 days.. Calling to any telephone number is a waste of time as they dont understand English.
Answered by Sayan from Hyderabad, India | Jan. 17, 2018 11:35
Also incorrect PARs can be corrected at the immigration counters in Hong Kong if there are errors in Name/Place/DOB etc. I saw the changed PARs from people while they were collecting luggage. Immigration Officers in Hong Kong are really very helpful. Comments made by John and others above are not correct...
Answered by Sayan from Hyderabad, India | Jan. 17, 2018 11:37
System has been built in recent past and has lot of errors and Immigration Officers in Hong Kong accept that fact..
Answered by Sayan from Hyderabad, India | Jan. 17, 2018 11:38
Immigration Officers expect PARs from Indians and get surprised if they see VISA..
Answered by Sayan from Hyderabad, India | Jan. 17, 2018 11:53
You can travel to many locations (Including Macau) from Hong Kong Airport without HK PAR or Visa. Google "Ferry Transfer - Hong Kong International Airport" and find details. However your ferry time and flight time may become crucial sometimes... Please contact Arbind to get these details +91 90007 99141
Answered by Sayan from Hyderabad, India | Jan. 17, 2018 11:56
If you miss ferry because of flight delays ferry will adjust you in next trip. Please do not worry about this as many travel agents scare and make incorrect plans and include unnecessary delays. Trust me Hong Kong is quite tourist friendly and lot of good rules and regulations in place that help tourists..
Answered by sayan from Hyderabad, India | Jan. 17, 2018 12:07
Please attach any successful PARs for the group you are travelling with.
Answered by Sayan from Hyderabad, India | Jan. 17, 2018 12:35
I am pleased to inform you that the application of above-named person(s) for entry visa for
Hong Kong has been approved Double entries with a stay of 14Day(s) on each entry with visa validity of
6 Month(s) . Please attend this office at earliest convenience (within three months from the issuing date
of this letter) between 08:45 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. or 02:00 p.m. – 05:00 p.m. for collection of the visa/entry
permit. This office will close on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.
The authorized person coming to collect the visa should bring an authorization letter, this
notification, visa / entry permit fee HK$190(per passport) and produce the person’s Hong Kong Identity
Answered by John Doe | Jan. 17, 2018 13:47
Jeez, many of your fellow countrymen were turned away at immigration and you really want to mislead them?
Answered by Sayan from Hyderabad, India | Jan. 20, 2018 09:16
Prove that they were sent back!! Time zone that you (John) respond in shows that you have nothing to do with Hong Kong!!
Answered by John Doe | Jan. 21, 2018 09:52
I don't have to be living in HK to know the rules. Per the HK ImmD website:

"The information the registrant provides in the pre-arrival registration needs to be exactly the same as it appears in his/her passport and he/she must use the same passport that is linked to it when visiting the HKSAR. Failure to do so will render his/her pre-arrival registration invalid. An invalid pre-arrival registration will lead to refusal of the registrant’s boarding of a conveyance (a ship, aircraft, vehicle or any other means whatsoever of travel or transport) bound for the HKSAR and refusal of entry to the HKSAR upon arrival.

Any person who knowingly and wilfully makes a statement or gives information which he/she knows to be false or does not believe to be true may be liable for prosecution under the Laws of Hong Kong."

So the real question is why do you have to mislead your fellow countrymen?

"Mine go unsuccessful for Kolkata as issue place so I changed it to Delhi and it was successful..I reached Hong Kong n they asked me to go back change in their decision so we went to Macau!!!" That's a comment from some of your countrymen posted above.
Answered by Raj from China | Jan. 21, 2018 21:44
You don't need to APPLY for a Visa to Macau if you are holding an Indian Passport. You get VOA. This Idea has nothing to do with HK Visa.
Answered by Raj from China | Jan. 21, 2018 21:46
What do you mean place of birth is different than that passport? why to show other document than Passport? The passport displays all information for travel.
Answered by Anand from India | Jan. 26, 2018 06:44
I have same problem and having 10 days left to travel. Probably visa application form submission and approval would take 4 week time. Hv to cancel the trip, II believe
Answered by Priya from India | Jan. 28, 2018 00:25
Can you please let me know the immigration telephone number. The one that they will pick up. Also can you please let me know if the following documents would be enough. Thank you so much.
Appendix 1: Form ID1003B
Appendix 2:
2.A My Passport copy
2.B Marriage Registration copy
Husband's Passport copy
Pre arrival registration notification slip of my husband
Appendix 3: Tour Itenary
Appendix 4:
Return air tickets
Hotel reservation voucher for 3 nights in Hong Kong
Appendix 5:
My bank account statements
Husband's bank account statements
Husband’s Jan 2018 salary slip
Answered by ashok from USA | Feb. 02, 2018 16:06

I Applied for online pre-visit transit visa, mine it succeeded but unsuccessful for my wife.They asked to apply in a physical form and send it to HKG immigration department. We have only 6 weeks time to travel. We are traveling from Chennai to Las Angeles via Hong Kong, took 15 hours layover time in HKG airport, planning to spend 8 hours in HKG.

My wife applying for Visa from India, I want to know how long it will take to get the visa in hand? ( ie including processing time & courier to and flow transit time. We have only 6 weeks’ time to travel from now ).

Also is it worth to apply for the visa in this situation?
Answered by Krishna from India | Feb. 03, 2018 11:23
I have entered the place of issue as Delhi, mine being Hyderabad. My PAR was successful. I downloaded the PDF and edited it back to Hyderabad. I was allowed.
Answered by Vamsee krishna from India | Feb. 05, 2018 00:22
Did you happen to travel though the Place of issue is different from the one on Passport?
Answered by Karishma from India | Feb. 08, 2018 01:59
Hi I am recieved a rejection too. Can you tell me how you eventually went?
Answered by Karishma Singh from India | Feb. 08, 2018 02:00
Hi Ravi, did you face any issues for this at the HK airport?
Answered by karishma from India | Feb. 08, 2018 03:22
Hi did you find a way out? need advice for my self.
Answered by ss from UAE | Feb. 11, 2018 04:45
hi, can you please tell me that how did you pay/ manage to give for the postage of the delivery of your visa from hong kong immigration.
Answered by yesuprakash from India | Feb. 12, 2018 01:18
My plan is 5 days Hong Kong visit from 9 th Mar 2018. I am travelling with my uncle. Our age 37 and 55. We are from Kochi. Our PAR are successful. After reading the various review on HK immigration towards Indians now i am afraid will they stop us to enter Hong Kong? I came to know that they will ask lots of questions even if have successful PAR.
Can any body here can share your experience who traveled HK with successful PAR?
What are the common questions they asking?

Thanks in advance
Answered by Harika from India | Feb. 12, 2018 07:27
Hi ...I'm facing the same problem...can u please tell me if u got a solution
Answered by Karthik from India | Feb. 12, 2018 11:13
Hi Krishna, whether they tally PAR which is showed by you with the generated PAR.
Answered by abhay from India | Feb. 16, 2018 14:52
hey krishna,
i am Abhay from vijayawada, and everytime i try my visa is getting rejected. I am supposed to visit hongkong on 10th march for an international conference and alot of my work is at stake. I request you to help me through it...
Answered by Rohit from India | Feb. 19, 2018 01:02
Hi All,
I was also applying PAR for my brother, but it showed up unsuccessful at the end of the registration process. I am not sure what is the reason behind it. Place of issue of Passport is Chandigarh.
Can anyone suggest how to turn it into a success case?
Answered by Lakhvir from India | Feb. 20, 2018 09:52
I’m also trying my PAR for Hong Kong ,Result is same unsuccessfull because my passport issued from Chandigrath Thai’s why .
Answered by Lakhvir from India | Feb. 20, 2018 09:57
Did you travel to Hong Kong or not ?
Answered by Simrat from India | Feb. 21, 2018 12:40
Dear according to me software check data base on your previous travel to hk and your relationships with hk local sponcer
Answered by ruchika from india | Feb. 22, 2018 01:20
hey ashish didn't anyone see the mistake
Answered by Madhavi from India | Feb. 22, 2018 04:14
So what to do
Answered by Prasada from India | Feb. 25, 2018 05:12
Recently my & my wife's PAR were rejected as my passport issue place was Hyderabad. Though my son's PAR was rejected. I manually entered "Hydrabad" as place of issue by selecting the last option in the drop down. And surprisingly both were Successful. Then I downloaded the PDF and edited it back to Hyderabad. Though in Hyderabad at ticket counter they verified thoroughly checking reading letter by letter before issuing the ticket. After that PAR will be checked at India immigration and then HongKong immigration. But they just check if your ur PAR is matching with your passport or not. We were allowed without any problem. At immigration they just asked normal questions like when is your return ticket, where are you staying in HongKong its. We went to Maccau before entering Hongkong immigration at Airport. Then from Maccau to HongKong City ferry, where our immigration done successfully. But my suggestion is its better always you drop your plan or apply for regular Visa before planning for HongKong, if not you are taking a risk always and might not enjoy your holidays as expected. All the best.
Answered by Simrat from Ok india | Feb. 27, 2018 08:04
Yup I got aproval in first attempt dear they only opproved those applications who already traveled to Hong Kong or married 50 + mostly ‘ and your local connection with hong kong
Answered by Raghavendra from India | Feb. 27, 2018 11:51
Just now I applied for PAR. Mine and my daughter PAR was successful and my wife PAR unsuccessful. I am from vijayawada and PP issued at Visakhapatnam. Any way to get PAR for my wife. My travel is on 9th March.
Answered by Vikas from India | Feb. 28, 2018 13:27
Pls tell me required documents and how to send pls help pls
Answered by Sukhant from Australia | Feb. 28, 2018 21:43
I applied from Australia and got rejected PAR on Indian passport due to my state of Issue. I tried to explain them by emails and calls but no luck. So I have to apply for physical visa by sending all documents to Hk including DD of 190 HK dollars. It took 4 weeks to get a visa.
If you have booked your trips and got unsuccessful pre-arrival go for a physical visa without even wasting a single day I would suggest.
Changing state or age on pre-arrival form or doing tempering with the form I am not sure is a good way to proceed as you are breaking the law here.
Answered by ROHITCHOWDHRY | Mar. 01, 2018 11:16
Dear Sir, I have applied for hong kong entry permit as my PAR was unsuccessful. My flight is on 11th march and for the first time today I got mail from hong kong mentioning my reference number. is there any way to get visa on time
please reply ASAP
Answered by ROHITCHOWDHRY | Mar. 01, 2018 11:24
how did you edited place of issue after getting successful
please help
Answered by Gablu from India | Mar. 04, 2018 10:56
when did you applied for visa and how long it took to get reference number
Answered by ROHITCHOWDHRY | Mar. 05, 2018 12:53
I applied directly to HKSAR via Air Mail and after one week I got reference number. the only solution to problem right now which I am searching is any local person in hong kong who can collect my visa label from immigration office and send to to me via fastest air mail service.
Answered by ROHITCHOWDHRY | Mar. 05, 2018 12:58
anyone please let me know any local person in Hong Kong who can help me out in visa and I am even ready to pay good amount of money for his help. Thank you in advance
Answered by Rahul from India | Mar. 07, 2018 00:00
my flight is on 8th march and my passport is issued from Kolkata hence it was unsuccessful. had sent all the docs by dhl. its been more than 12 days.. no luck .. avoid going to Hong Kong.
Answered by Rahul from india | Mar. 07, 2018 00:09
my flight is on 8th march'18 and my passport is issued from Kolkata hence it was unsuccessful. had sent all the docs by dhl. its been more than 12 days.. no luck wasted. think twice before going to Hong Kong.
Answered by Chetan from India | Mar. 19, 2018 04:52
How did they sent approved visa in that case ?
Answered by Puneet from Hyderabad | Mar. 20, 2018 06:11
I have sent all the documents with DD on 2nd of Feb and I received VISA Label by post today. I got approval mail on 7th March which said they are going to encash the DD and ship the label. In your case once the VISA is approved you can contact Arbind to arrange a local contact to pay and get the Label shipped by overnight service.
Answered by Debleena from India | Mar. 20, 2018 15:13
Hi, i will be travelling with my parents to hong kong from 4th april to 10th april. I have tried once and my Par is unsuccessful. I haven't tried again. Can you pls help me in visiting there with my old parents as all flights hotels have already been booked.
Thanks debleena
Answered by John Doe | Mar. 21, 2018 16:00
Just a quick note: currently you can send your application-related documents, including bank statements, forms, passport copies, etc., via FAX to Hong Kong Immigration and they will start processing it right away. You still need to send these documents by mail and they will issue the visa label when they received the actual documents. This should speed up the application process if you do not have a HK-based sponsor.
Answered by Aruj from Singapore | Apr. 08, 2018 04:48
Has anyone tried to select Place of issue as other and then entering the city name ?

As we mentioning the correct information but the option is not correct.

Please let us know if that is a workable solution or not ?
Answered by PARAMITA | Apr. 10, 2018 04:11
Hi Sayan, I got an email from them saying that my visa is approved on 27th March and that the label will be despatched once my bank draft is encashed. But its 10th April today and I have not yet got my visa label. Sending emails everyday to but no reply from them. Is there some other email address that I can enquire from? What is the normal time for label to come by post? Do they send by courier or post?
Answered by AMIT45 | Apr. 12, 2018 21:26
hello,, when you applied for visa to HK, when is your travel date.
i also in same boat
Answered by Abhishek from India | Apr. 13, 2018 06:49
I frequently travel to HK, if ur PAR is unsuccessful. There is no any option just cancel ur all booking.
Answered by Abhishek from India | Apr. 13, 2018 06:52
Hi, As m frequent flyer to HK. I will just suggest you there is no other option. Just cancel ur trip.
Answered by Abhishek from India | Apr. 13, 2018 06:53
If ur address is changed and apply for fresh PAR with new address
Answered by sunny from India | Apr. 14, 2018 01:42
did you get the pre arrival??? i ama having the same issue
Answered by Ganesh from India | Apr. 17, 2018 08:59
Hi Daniel pls provide your contact details
Answered by Rajeev from India | Apr. 19, 2018 07:11
My and my wife's PAR was unsuccessful but my son's got through. I have now applied direct to the immigration department and I have exactly 6 weeks for my travel. Lets see
Answered by Madhu from India | May. 12, 2018 15:15
Hi Susan, our PAR is issued with wrong place of issue as it was unsuccessful with actual place of issue. How is this treated at immigration??

Many comments suggest that it is not advisable while yours is the only comment saying otherwise. Curious to know the details.
Answered by TT from Canada | May. 14, 2018 11:00

Please make sure the necessary fields are not entered by mistake, Go back and check if there is any pending information in the optional tabs. Specially in the tab have you visited hongkong in last three years.

Initially i was facing the same problem as you all.

This helped in completing my Registration.
Answered by Sandeep from India | May. 19, 2018 16:38
HI TT, was your first attempt unsuccessful and then after reapplying again it was successful? Could you help me with this as i am facing the same issue here. Thanks
Answered by Chetan from India | Jun. 15, 2018 03:25
Same problem is with me . N my tickets n hotel booking r done . Chandigarh issued passports r not accepted by them . As some one from chandigarh robbed there a year ago . If anyone gets solution please tell . My tickets are confirmed for 27 june 2018
Answered by Sam from India | Jun. 15, 2018 16:36
My PAR was also rejected but I got my HK visa in 5 days. Just send the documents to them by Fax and then call and follow up on your application.
Answered by NS Negi from India | Jun. 21, 2018 00:00
Hi, What all documents you did send? and what fax no,? please help.
Answered by sheetanshu from india | Jun. 27, 2018 11:42
i am facing similar problem..and i have reported the issue to honhkong immigratiob but no reply
Answered by Teja from India | Jul. 05, 2018 00:48
Im having same issue as yours. My PAR is unsuccessful without mentioning any reason.
Did u visit to Hong Kong...?? How did u further approach...??
Answered by Victim from India | Jul. 13, 2018 00:37
I have also manually applied for visa but no reply since 10 days.
I am being sponsored by local HK sponsorer.
My PAR was also unsuccessful many times and then I had no option except applying.
No idea if it will be a positive reply by them or negative.
Answered by mohit from India | Aug. 23, 2018 09:25
any update?
Answered by Mohit from India | Aug. 24, 2018 02:32
werer you able to fly?? i have also submitted docs today for post and my flight is on 10th October.. any idea if it will be approved by then??
Answered by Sahil Jain from India | Aug. 24, 2018 04:12
So I finally got my visa label in my hand today. After a few months of going around clueless as to what to do, it is finally here. Here's my whole experience.

1st July: PAR Unsuccessful. Since this is for business, it's not like that I can cancel it. So had to go for a visa.

7th July: Posted my application with all the documents and Bank draft (from HDFC Nehru Place. No other branch had the stationary for a HKD Draft)

13th July: Application received at HK Immigration Office

26th July: Got an acknowledgment of receipt of application after continuously mailing them for one.

8th August: Got a mail from the immigration office asking for more documents (earlier visas, salary slips, etc.) Collected all the information asked for in the query, scanned it, and sent them via email. (no hard copy shipped)

9th August: Received a mail that my visa has been approved and that my bank draft will be cashed, following which the visa will be mailed.

13th August: Visa mailed.

16th August: Tracking number received AFTER asking for it.

21st August: Visa labels are in India

24th August: Visa labels shipped to my place (in Delhi).

So all in all, a tedious process but if you have valid documents, and reason to visit HK, then you will be given visa. Immigration office is reasonably good. All information was given (only if you ask for it).

So if you do plan to go to HK and are ready to go through the whole process, it's not that difficult a process. DO NOT go for fraud agents.
Answered by mohit from India | Aug. 25, 2018 05:33
what is their email address? how did they contact you... can you share your consignment number of india ..i posted my docs yesterday.. flight on 10th oct..plz advise what are the chances..
Answered by Sahil Jain from India | Aug. 28, 2018 23:14

Email address is

You must have received a tracking number from the courier company. Track your parcel. Once it shows that it has been delivered, write HK Immigration a mail, asking them to give you an acknowledgment number. Keep writing them for one, as your application will move only after you get an acknowledgment number.
Answered by Mohit from India | Aug. 29, 2018 02:01

Everytime i email them.. i just get one reponse that they have forwarded my email to their relevant Section... i haven't got any reply after that :(
Answered by Debashree from India | Aug. 29, 2018 02:01
Hi Sahil, Mohit,
Request you to please share the list of documents required for HK Visa application. Also some details on the DD for the application fees will be helpful. Both my and my husband's PAR unsuccessful. Need to apply for that. We donot have any HK sponsor, going as tourist.
My kids PAR was successful.
Answered by Sahil Jain from India | Aug. 29, 2018 02:26

Please read my post above to get an approximate idea about the time needed to get your visa labels in hand. If you have that much time, you can go ahead with the visa. If not, I would suggest you to look elsewhere for your holidays.

For list of documents, please check the official website of the HK Immigration Department
Answered by Sahil Jain from India | Aug. 29, 2018 02:27

You can call them for more information. Has your application parcel been delivered?
Answered by mohit from India | Aug. 29, 2018 04:01
yes it got delivered today . I tried calling but it comes as a wrong number
Answered by mohit from India | Aug. 29, 2018 04:03
Hi Debashree,

list of documents is available at immigration website.. i got my DD from SBI who charged around 1100
Answered by Debashree from India | Aug. 29, 2018 07:19
Thanks Mohit for your response.
Wanted to ask - Each application need to be separately air mailed or we can send together for people travelling together.
Do we have to send self addressed postage envelop along with the application?
I do not have HK sponsor. Would that impact or delay the process?
If anyone aware do let me know.
Answered by Mohit from India | Aug. 29, 2018 08:22
we can send together for people travelling together.
i also sent two applications in one envelope :)
Do we have to send self addressed postage envelop along with the application? Not mentioned anywhere so i guess not required.
I do not have HK sponsor. Would that impact or delay the process? It wont delay.. it would just come arrive early than normal time taken
Answered by Debashree from India | Aug. 31, 2018 01:25
Thanks Mohit for your response.
I am struggling to get DD in HKD at Bengaluru. I have tried SBI head office, SBP, Axis bank. No one has stock. If anyone can please guide me to bank branch from where to get the DD created at Bengaluru. It'll really help. Thanks
Answered by Sahil from India | Aug. 31, 2018 23:14

HDFC, Axis, SBI are the banks I am sure about. These banks do have this service. Maybe they don't have stationery for HKD right now. If you have an account in any of these banks, force them to get stationery for you.

Alternatively, if you have someone in Hong Kong who can pay for you, you can ask them to be a sponsor and get the application processed.

One more option (if you know someone in HK but he is not ready to be your sponsor), call HK immigration, ask them if they can accept application without a cheque. Tell them that you have someone in HK who will pay in cash and collect your visa labels. DO INFORM THEM THAT YOU ARE GOING WITH THIS OPTION BECAUSE OF INDIAN BANKS ISSUE.
Answered by Debashree from India | Sep. 01, 2018 00:33
Thanks Sahil for your response. Will proceed as suggested.
Answered by jayesh from India | Sep. 01, 2018 06:10
Can one send cheque of a higher value in INR as none of the Banks are having HKD Demand draft facility here. My wifes PAR unsuccesful
Answered by Muskan from India | Sep. 05, 2018 10:50
Did it work?
Answered by Debashree from India | Sep. 18, 2018 20:39
Hi All, my visa documents reached on 7th Sep. Trying to get the acknowledgement number for the last 10 days over mail, call. However, not getting any response. Did anyone receive any reference or acknowledgement number for their visa application recently?
Answered by Debashree from India | Sep. 18, 2018 20:40
Hi Jayesh, DD should be in HKD only. I don't think INR will be accepted
Answered by Amrinder from India | Sep. 23, 2018 22:22
HI Daniel - Can you help me to get a pre arrival registration done for HKG. Thank you.
Answered by Nikki from USA | Nov. 05, 2018 13:58

I am currently working in the USA on H1B visa with an Indian passport. I am planning to visit Hong Kong during my transit on 10th December 2018 and Taiwan on 31st December. My PAR was unsuccessful and have to submit an application for the visa. The Chinese consulate in San Francisco, USA doesn't accept Hong Kong applications. Could anyone please let me know what would be the best way to proceed?
Answered by John Doe | Nov. 05, 2018 17:01
Applications must be submitted to HK Immigration Dept by post. However you can fax them your completed application form and supporting documents for faster processing although they won't issue a visa until your original supporting documents are received.
Answered by Charan from India | Nov. 26, 2018 10:08
I have flight from Ho chi Minh city to Hong Kong airport. However my PAR (Hyderabad) is unsuccessful. I want to take ferry from Hong Kong airport (skypier) to Macau then I will exit to china (have Chinese visa ).

In Hong Kong airport website there is no transfer area/desk number for VIETJET airline.
So can I still take SKYPIER in HongKong airport to Macau?
Answered by kumar from USA | Dec. 04, 2018 12:05
I am also in same boat where my wife PAR is unsuccessful and her place of issue is Hyderabad. I have selected last option and entered manually "Hydrabad" while filling the form and PAR is successful as mentioned in this forum by ( Answered by Prasada from India | Feb. 25, 2018 05:12 )

Not sure if its really a problem or not at HK immigration but Iam planning to go like that as my trip is from USA to India and planning to go out 1 day during transit . Thinking worst case would have to stay in HK airport for a day.
Answered by Shatabdi from India | Dec. 06, 2018 12:01
HI, could you please tell me what all we need to attached with the application and document (for example do we need to attach self address envelop with some postage stamps) please make little clear so that i can send the whole document at a time, thanks
Answered by bhanu from India | Dec. 06, 2018 20:30
By edit , do you mean photoshop because that's worrisome :O , or is there an option to edit the application after it gets approved via a wrong place of issue ?
Answered by bhanu from India | Dec. 06, 2018 20:42
kumar ,

Ref : Not sure if its really a problem or not at HK immigration but Iam planning to go like that as my trip is from USA to India and planning to go out 1 day during transit . Thinking worst case would have to stay in HK airport for a day.

Same situation, but does using that other place and manually entering get it successful ? I tried with Kolkata but it didn't work. Or do you change the spelling or something
Answered by Mani from India | Dec. 16, 2018 10:44
Hi is that possible
Answered by Jazr from India | Dec. 27, 2018 18:00
This was the forum were I got the most information when my PAR was unsuccessful. Today after a struggle of exactly 18 days since I started, I have my Hong Kong Visa in my hand. This is my day wise struggle
Day 1 Realised I need to an alternate way
Day 2 Identified a person a HK who could help
Day 3 Sent all documents by courier
Day 5 He recd the documents
Day 6 He went to immigration department. Realised that the Visa will come through in less than a month. Requested a meeting with higher officer & conveyed to him that PAR of rest of the family is approved and my travel on the same date is important. Officer confirmed he will get back through letter.
Day 7 to 11 emails, faxes, telephone etc does not have any reply from the immigration
Day 12 My friend receives the Visa by post
Day 13 He posts the Visa to India
Day 18 I received the Visa sticker at my home
If you look at it over all the HK immigration has done their job in less than a week when the cse presented to them properly. Good luck to all who are unfortunate like me in PAR!
Answered by Saurabh Aga from India | Jan. 15, 2019 09:20
Reason - PAR Hongkong Per-Arrival Registration gets unsuccessful for Indian is your passport place of issue and age. If you are between 18 to 35, then your PAR will be unsuccessful for Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Jalandhar, Nasik, and there are few more.

If its transit flight from Hongkong and not leaving Airport, then PAR is not required.

Solutions -
1. Apply directly with Immigration department, may take atleast 4 weeks.
2. If not going to Hongkong city and going to Macau or any city in China, book a ferry and go.

Note - It is mandatory to give your 'Successful Pre-Arrival Registration' printout on a fresh A4 paper or Ferry booking ticket copy to Airline Check-In, otherwise they will refuse you straight away and not allow to travel. Also, they cancel the ticket (NO REFUND).
In this case, you can Register at the same time (while at check-in counter) on Mobile or Laptop at website - (HK Immigration department) and take a printout from any airline helpdesk counter and travel, as it is just a form and gets approved immediately.
Answered by Nikhil from India | Feb. 07, 2019 11:55
How long did it take for your visa ?
Answered by Roy from India | Feb. 10, 2019 11:35
I would like to give details about my experience. Had planned for family (parents , sis and myself) trip to HK around June 2018. When we completed our PAR, all of us except for my mother got a successful PAR. I think, the PAR system records the person's passport number in combination with birth date. I, experimented by changing some details and filing the PAR and only if I entered a different birthdate or passport number, would I get a successful PAR, else the system would keep giving unsuccessful message. We did not want to go ahead with wrong details on PAR. So we decided to get proper visa through their immigration office. However we only had about 2 weeks / 10 working days. So I was not sure if it would work. I sent them entire application package through fax and then original through expedited courier. I called the hotline and emailed everyday, but would get no update on the status. After 5 - 6 working days I received email confirmation that visa was approved, just 2 days before our flight. I had not sent them return envelope, so HK immigration office kept the visa for someone to pickup. When we landed in HK, 1 of us went to HK to pickup mom's visa (with authorization letter) and other 3 went to Macau. We were then able to enter HK next day , since all of us had HK visa now.
Answered by Kiran from India | Feb. 16, 2019 16:02
Hi Guys!

Can you help me out on how did you get the entire "urgent visa" request done through fax?
I am traveling on 4th March and I have only 14 days left and my PAR was unsuccessful cause my city if Hyderabad.

None of my tickets are refundable and both my sister and my PAR was not approved. Can anyone please help!
Answered by Anurag from India | Feb. 18, 2019 01:45
Hi Jazr how did you request the meeting with higher officer? I have submitted my application though local sponsor on 13th Feb but still not got any reference number. Is there any way to meet them physically through local sponsor and get them to speed up the process?
Answered by Kiran from India | Feb. 20, 2019 13:43
Mine and my sister's PAR got rejected as our passport issue city is Hyderabad. We quickly found a local sponsor in HK, expedited our documents and he was able to submit our application yesterday, that is, Feb 20th.

Our flight is on 4th March, wanted to ask if I should start calling the embassy from tomorrow or wait until my acknowledgment number is sent. If I can call up the embassy, how should I ask them to check my application? With my passport number?

Also, is it even possible for us to receive the visa before we start from India? Our sponsor will be collecting the visa and expediting it to us. Maximum we thought was once we get the approval information, we can always stay in Macau for 2 days and he can ship the visa to us in Macau.

Please help us with ANY suggestions. All our bookings are non-refundable.
Answered by Brijesh from Australia | Feb. 28, 2019 04:01
Hello Roy, We are flying on 6th March. I hold Australian passport and donot require a visa whereas my wife has Indian passport and requires a visa to enter HK. Unsuccessful with PAR. Faxed visa application on 25th feb and air mailed the documents which were received on 27th. Could you please send me your contact number as I’m in the same situation. Please email to me Thank you, Brijesh
Answered by Gag from Sudan | Feb. 28, 2019 05:24
Write a mail directly to Director of Immigration Department
explain your requirement, hopefully the visa processing will be expedited.
Answered by Deviks from India | Feb. 28, 2019 05:36
Hi Ravi, did you manage to travel and get entry. I am facing the same problem
Answered by Brijesh from Australia | Mar. 03, 2019 22:49
Thank you Walia. I sent email but no reply yet.
Answered by Ashwin from India | Mar. 15, 2019 07:33
Hi, I am facing the same issue and have got only 2weeks before my travel date.. is there a solution for unsuccessful PAR?
Answered by Aashish from India | Mar. 17, 2019 10:01
Hii Can u please share your contact details. Want some info reg HK visa. Its very urgent for me to attend the meeting in HK.
Answered by Nomad.Yogi from India | Mar. 18, 2019 01:08
Hey guys, my pp place of issue is hyderabad, and it got rejected. I have less than 10 days before my travel dates, so visa not possible. Also going to Macau already, so not planning to do a detour.

So I am planning to take a different route. If it is successful, I will post my response in the next three days.
Answered by Sumit Ghosh from India | Mar. 26, 2019 11:05
You can not go Hong Kong..if you have less than 45 days in hand.
Once PAR rejected, not possible to succeed in next 180 days. So, only way to go there is to apply a visa only.
In most cases, Kolkata and Punjab based passports / aged between 18-48 peoples , when income in HKD below 40000 ...P.A.R. got unsucessful.
So, take your decision.
Answered by Sumit Ghosh from India | Mar. 26, 2019 11:13
A big no is the only answer.
I regularly visit Hong Kong. So I know it very well. Another thing you can do..but that I will not suggest. Change your place of issue of Passport to Delhi.
Your PAR will be successful. Then reach Hong Kong airport, convince the immigration staff by telling your agent made this mistake. They are very helpful.

And buy a ferry ticket to Macau. No check in luggage. Only take hand baggage. At Indian immigration counter show your ferry ticket to Macau. Macau visitors do not need Visa. Meanwhile cancel your Macau ticket. It is a chance taking . 60% chance you will suceed, 39% chance you will be sent back by next flight. 1% chance I don't know.
Answered by guru from India | Mar. 28, 2019 03:32
Answered by SANAM | Apr. 06, 2019 23:54
so do they agree to travel Hong Kong With Doing This Changing Place Of issue ?
Answered by Kji23 from India | Apr. 22, 2019 16:04
Can anyone explain how changing place of issue to Delhi and then editing back to original place of issue worked or not? Mines was from Kolkata but changing place of issue to delhi gave me a successful par. Can photoshop delhi to kolkata and then go with this document??
Answered by Sona from India | May. 18, 2019 08:14

Me and my husband have already booked tickets for 21june but pre arrival is unsuccessful (place of issue is Chandigarh) we are planning to contact them via email and attach all the relevant documents.Will it help?Not going to apply for tourist visa now as we don't have enough time
Answered by Navneet Chugh from India | May. 21, 2019 17:22

U can still apply by sending fax first then sending same set of documents through air mail. I sent my documents on 08th of May'19 and receive letter of approval on 21st May'2019. Only problem I faced is, I sent HK$190 instead of HK$120 for transit visa.

Navneet Chugh
Answered by Balu from India | May. 21, 2019 22:49
How early did they send the reference number to you
Answered by Balu | May. 24, 2019 00:02
We are having our trip on June 3rd. As our PAR was unsuccessful we sent it by by post which reached the immigration dept ok 14-5-19. My wife is having an exam letter which we attached. Luckily we got a Visa approval on 22-5-19 after repeated emails without even getting a reference number. Now we are having our visas posted by express mail by some contact who paid the fees directly.
Tough process. But try your luck.
Answered by Navneet Chugh from India | May. 28, 2019 02:48
Thanks Arbind for your support.

If any one need draft of HK$120 . Kindly let me know, I have an additional draft with me.

My contact number 8427411433.


Navneet Chugh
Answered by SM from India | May. 31, 2019 02:24
Can you send me template for documents (e.g iterniary or other details )you sent to Hong Kong Immigration department on ?
Answered by Martin from USA | Jun. 03, 2019 18:27
SM, you need to provide your passport, application form and recent photo, proof of financial standing, round trip air tickets and hotel reservation.
Answered by Aman from India | Jul. 04, 2019 00:55
No, if your passport issued in Chandigarh, Kolkata or Hyderabad.. the PAR will get reject as for all the cases.. the reason being unknown but that's the case..
Answered by Rc from India | Jul. 16, 2019 01:18
Does it work after a visa is issued. Pre arrival again
Answered by Anand from India | Oct. 11, 2019 11:58
Answered by PJ from Philippines | Dec. 24, 2019 05:51
Merry Christmas !
How was your experience in entering HKG.
Answered by Anjali krishna from India | Jan. 06, 2020 19:01
Hi JJ I saw this procedure, haven't tried yet because it was long process. But I wanted to know if you have tried by yourself and it went successful.
Please confirm once it will be helpful.
Answered by Imran khan Advocate from India | Feb. 07, 2020 20:09
Never visit with wrong information,
Answered by Bing from India | Sep. 14, 2022 07:37
Bro what happened did you travel ? Did they allow you
Answered by Hus from India | Dec. 31, 2022 04:35
Can you share the detail of hong kong friend ?
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