Asked by Thu from USA | Nov. 28, 2016 03:59
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I am currently dating my first serious relationship who is august 1998.

I am female born may 4 1998. He is military and younger than I. Will he be who I marry?
Also how will my life be? Im the youngest of 5 kids and have always had a lot of support. My biggest support comes from my 2nd brother and sister in law. Brother(may1987) sisterinlaw(dec1990). Will I ever be able to repay them? What's 2017 like for me?

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Answered by Jill from Singapore | Nov. 28, 2016 21:15
Thu, born in the same year, you two should have a lot in common. So, there might never be lack of topics. Having many similarities, you can understand each other very well and this can help you live a harmonious life together.
The next year is predicted to be your lucky year in studying and career. If you are a student right now, it is advised you focus on studying and what you have learnt right now can be very helpful in your later career life. If you are working, the blessings from heaven can help you pursue improvement at work and repay your family.
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