Asked by Ravi Kumar from India | Nov. 11, 2016 14:56
About:Ox's Luck Prediction by Month 2023

I was born on 17-09-1985,time around 1:10 am.

I have gone through some of the answers given by you, quite impressive, so I would like to ask you about my career (Professional growth and settlement).
Completed my graduation in 2009, with Electronics & Communication Branch, Changed five companies, never worked more than year in each, recently I left my Job( sep25, 2016).
Now I was free, with no job. Could you please tell me how will be my career in near future, when will I get the new and better job, when I will get settlement?

Answers (1)
Answered by Peter from Australia | Nov. 11, 2016 19:08
Last year it was your opposite year and your story about changing lots of jobs only makes sense.
From next February you will get a chance of improvement, regarding a steadier job. You should understand that to get the maximum benefit from a job, you would have to start that job in a Metal year, and that is 4 years away in 2020 (this is because you were born in the year of the Water Ox and your element is Water. You have also experienced your Saturn return, which has affected your career between the ages of 28 to 32. I understand you are unemployed at the moment, but you should not despair, because luck is on its way, and you will definitely get a job next year. I will write to you soon about what your destiny has in store for you. Good luck.
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