Asked by Manash Talukdar from India | Oct. 31, 2016 11:32
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Q1. Please inform me about my career prospect. Q2. What about my married life?

Q1. My DOB 18/12/1982. What is my career prospect. It's not going smooth now. Will I get a government job?
Q2. What about my married life?

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Answered by Peter from Australia | Oct. 31, 2016 16:41
Your planets were not evenly distributed through your birth-chart (making you one-sided), and the planets were all situated within roughly 90° (1/4) of the circle. In your chart, Moon was conjunct Mars, Mercury was conjunct Venus, Sun was conjunct Neptune, Jupiter was conjunct Uranus, and Saturn was conjunct Pluto. You had Moon in Capricorn, so you will pursue money. You will have more success if you were to engage in commerce or arts, instead of working in a Government job. Do not adopt lifestyles that sap your creativity and your health. You will have life-altering visions. Encouraging experiences lift you up to extraordinary understanding. You will suffer from unwanted burdens and from solitude. You will admit that you are powerless in the face of the cruel forces of fate. Because of constant stress and tension you are prone to ill health. Your family and your home present most problems for you. You are in danger from fire, attack and injury. You had a happy childhood. You will be socially graceful, popular and charming. Good luck seems to follow you everywhere you go, and you are blessed by extraordinary good fortune. Next year your luck will improve a lot, and you will fullfil your wishes. Good luck.
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