Asked by Joe C from United States | Sep. 08, 2016 13:57
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I was born 2/25/1950 and now have been divorced for 8 yrs. Will I find love again?

Wife left me at age 59 and 25 yrs of marriage. Since she has been gone for 8 yrs. and no chance with her to get back together, will I find love again? I have been on several dating sites and have not found anyone I am interested in. What are my chances? Also, I have been in financial difficulty for several months now, will I find financial stability?

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Answered by Nora from USA | Sep. 08, 2016 20:24
Joe, cheer up! You will find the one you love very soon, as it is predicted to be a lucky year for you to develop a love affair. Be patient and she’ll show up! Good luck!
According to the prediction, you should have some financial issues this year. You are advised to control your shopping desire and cut the unnecessary expense. Don't take loans.
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