Asked by Emma from UK | Aug. 12, 2016 00:00
About:Monkey's Love Compatibility

I am a Virgo Monkey, my partner is a Pisces Sheep.

We have known each other about six years but only now started a relationship. Our personalities are very alike and we enjoy the same things and are always having fun. There is an eleven year gap between us, March 14 1979 and Sept 19 1968. How will this work out please?

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Answered by Pearson from Mexico | Aug. 14, 2016 20:37
Age gap is not a problem for true love. If you are willing to make this relationship last long, you should work on the issue of how to make this relationship keep refreshing, for both of you are the kind of person that is not a big fan of the changeless life. Maybe going out for some excursion or having a romantic date quite often can help.
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