Asked by Charlene Bennett from Australia | Jun. 30, 2016 15:19
About:Ox's Personality and Characteristics

I am oxen born in November 25 1985 and married to person born in June 8 1961

I would love to know our life in the future regarding to health,love,career and wealth

Thank you 😊

Answers (1)
Answered by Birrell from Australia | Jun. 30, 2016 20:14
By now, I can only tell you the prediction for the rest of 2016. Since you have the same animal sign, the prediction for you two should be similar.
Health: no severe illness will bother you two. But be aware of the weather change to avoid catching a cold or cough.
Love: there might be some pursuers showing up. It is advised you handle these issues well, don’t let them bother your relationship.
Career: it is not advised to take changes at work. Staying in your current company should be a good choice in developing your career. If you really want some difference, you may apply to switch department.
Wealth: making a good financial plan and learning to control your desire for shopping should be helpful to improve your financial condition. Try not to take loans. It might increase the financial pressure.
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