Asked by Leonid from Belarus | Jun. 25, 2016 05:13
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Hello everybody! How many border crossing points are in Macau?

Do they have other border crossing points from Zhuhai except Gongbei? On map I can see that Zhuhai has an enclave of the area of New Campus of the University. Is this area Zhuhai or Macao? Maybe it is possible to cross Zhuhai-Macao border in Zhuhai at that University an then go to Macao by bridge. Who knows?

And second. I do need visa to Hong Kong. I want to open in Macao. Which admission should I contact while stay in Macau?

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Answered by Abbey from Australia | Jun. 28, 2016 02:10
There are three borders between the two areas: Gongbei Port, Hengqin Port and Wanzai Port. The area of the university is Macao. Yes, you can cross the nearby Hengqin Port to Macao.
You may contact the Office of Commisioner of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of PRC in Macao SAR trhough Good luck! :)
Answered by Leonid from Belarus | Jun. 28, 2016 10:01
So do they have border checkpoint between Zhuhai and University?

Hengqin Port and Wanzai Port are land or water ports? Where are they?
Answered by Abbey | Jun. 29, 2016 02:37
There is no border checkpoint between Zhuhai and the university. Hengqin Port is to the north of the university, and is a land port. Wanzai Port is located on South Nanwan Road, Xiangzhou District, and it is a water port. Wanzai Port has been closed since January, 2016. So, you may go to either Gongbei Port or Hengqin Port. :)
Answered by Leonid from Belarus | Jun. 29, 2016 05:15
Hengqin Port doesn't connect to university? How to go to university? Do they have a road/bridge from Macao? So, From Zhuhai must go to Macau by Hengqin Port and only after that go to University from Macao island. Right? And it is not possible to visit University directly from Zhuhai. Right?

Really can't reach VISA office in Macau to open visa to HK. Email address diverts with words it does not exist.
Answered by Abbey | Jun. 30, 2016 02:08
Yes, there is no road/bridge between the university and Zhuhai. Hengqin Port is not the only one that you can enter Macao. Both Hengqin Port and Gongbei Port are ok.
After passing the border, you need to take the public transportation to the destination.

In addition, the e-mail address is correct. You can try it again. Or just call the office. The phone number is(853)87915126. By the way, the service hours are from 16:30 to 18:00.
Answered by Leonid from Belarus | Jul. 01, 2016 08:53
so, how people go to university if there is no connection with macao and no border between macao and university?
Answered by Jim from New Zealand | Jul. 06, 2016 02:53
Dear Leonid, there is a bridge betwen Macao and Hengqin Island where the university lies. After crossing the Hengqin Port, one can get to the university. :)
Answered by Leonid from Belarus | Jul. 06, 2016 04:39
On the map university is situated in Zhuhai
Answered by Leonid from Belarus | Jul. 29, 2016 01:38
So, if people go to university from macao, they have to cross hengqing port (what means they must enter area of PRC) first?
Answered by Leonid from Belarus | Aug. 06, 2016 16:14
What are work hours of Gongbei and Hengqing port?
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