Asked by BABYBOY82 | Apr. 26, 2016 01:47
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I was born on the 23 Feb 1982 and my husband was on the 07 Jul 1982. We married on the 22 May 2010.

I wonder what is the reading for our financial, career and love life for this year.

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Answered by Irving from Russia | Apr. 26, 2016 22:01
If you have invested in stock markets or other investment programs, you may get a payback this year. This year, you should avoid lending or renting money from your friends. It is predicted to be no help in your financial condition.
The key for a happy love life this year is to keep refreshing. Maybe creating come surprises for each other will be good.
Just work hard and keep moderate. Both of you should have a smooth career. Don't worry. :)
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